Have you ever wondered which movies feature the raunchiest sex scenes, which genre has the most nudity, or which actor gets their kit off the most on the big screen?

Hollywood films are full of some of the raunchiest sex scenes and moments where actors have bared it all. But, have you ever wondered which movies feature the most racy scenes or even which actor gets their kit off the most on the big screen? Here at OnlineGambling.ca, we’ve analyzed some of the most popular films on IMDB to find out.

So, whether you have a celeb crush you want to see in the nude, trying to find that perfect heart-racing scene, or are simply just curious - you may be surprised by our results for the movie titles, genres and actors who offer the most action 💦  🍆  🍑

The steamiest scenes on screen

Julianne Moore features in the most severely-rated sex scenes in movies

So, which actor features in the most movies with the highest ratings of sex and nudity, you say? Claiming the top spot is American actress, Julianne Moore, thanks to titles such as The Kids Are Alright, in which she plays a woman in a same-sex couple, and The End of the Affair.

Following closely behind with four movies each, are English actress Kate Winslet and Scottish actor Ewan McGregor. Kate Winslet’s most severely-rated movie is The Reader, whilst Ewan McGregor’s sexiest film is Velvet Goldmine.


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Julianne Moore


Kate Winslet


Ewan McGregor


Zac Efron


Mila kunis


Jamie Dornan


Jake gyllenhaal


Dakota johnson


Uma thurman


Seth Rogen


Drama Movies feature the most sex and nudity scenes

Drama movies had the highest amount of ratings for severe sex and nudity, racking up a total of 33 movies out of 75. From Magic Mike to Brokeback Mountain, it’s easy to see why drama movies claim the top spot.

In second place with 14 movies featuring severe sex and nudity, is the romantic genre, whose titles include Fifty Shades of Grey and Sex and the City. Following closely behind with 13 movies is the comedy genre, thanks to movies such as Sex Tape and The 40-Year-Old Virgin.


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The Wolf of Wall Street rated the most severe for sex and nudity

The Wolf of Wall Street (2013) tops our list by featuring the most severely-rated nudity and sex scenes. Directed by Martin Scorsese and starring Hollywood heartthrob Leonardo DiCaprio, the movie is jam-packed with sex, drugs, alcohol and swearing. Receiving 1,301 votes for ‘severe’ nudity, that’s a whopping 90.7% of all votes claiming that the sex scenes in this flick were definitely on the raunchy side.

In second place, with a severity rating of 89.8%, is Blue is the Warmest Color (2013). This independent French offering follows the romance between two young women and boasts one of the longest and most explicit sex scenes in mainstream cinema.

Following closely behind with a rating of 88.1% is Stanley Kubrick’s Eyes Wide Shut (1999). The movie focuses on William and Alice, a struggling married couple living in NYC. After Alice admits that she has fantasized about having an affair, William is thrown into a jealous crisis, which spurs on all sorts of sexual encounters. He embarks on a wild night filled with perversion, and dripping in sex.

Movie Title
Severe ratings The number of people who rated the movie severe for Sex & Nudity scenes on IMDB
% of Severe ratings The % of severe Sex & Nudity ratings compared to lesser ratings on IMDB
1 The wolf of Wall Street 1,301 90.7%
2 Blue is the warmest colour 422 89.8%
3 Eyes wide shut 155 88.1%%
4 Nymphomaniac 217 87.1%
5 Love 610 85.0%
6 The girl with the dragon tattoo 164 84.1%
7 Devil’s advocate 62 81.6%
8 Dallas Buyers Club 74 81.3%
9 Boogie Nights 107 81.1%
10 Don Jon 89 80.2%
11 365 Days 873 79.5%
12 Midsommar 1,301 79.4%
13 Showgirls 92 78.6%
14 Fifty shades freed 198 78.6%
15 The hangover part 2 66 78.6%
16 The end of the affair 7 77.8%
17 The Reader 55 77.5%
18 Love & other drugs 101 75.9%
19 Fifty shades of grey 366 75.3%
20 American Psycho 276 75.2%

Disclaimer: Due to adult content, just like casinos, many of these movies have an 18+ rating.


We looked at IMDB’s Parents Guides Content Advisory in the Sex and Nudity section, where we looked at the films who had been rated by the most severe. We then looked at which actors and genre featured most often in the most severely rated movies.