Online Gambling With Debit & Credit Cards In 2018

Debit and Credit Cards

One of the biggest complaints from Canadian online gamblers is that making a deposit is too difficult, too time consuming, and too annoying. But when you choose from our list of real money online gambling sites accepting debit/credit cards, you'll experience a deposit system that's painless, fast, and easy.

This is an option available at most online casinos and the majority of debit and credit card companies will authorise your transactions with ease. On top of this they also offer:

  • Huge bonuses & promotions for new and existing players
  • Fast payouts so you can enjoy your winnings
  • Brilliant game variety, including progressive jackpots

If credit/debit cards are your deposit option of choice, you need to head to Jackpot City .

The popularity of plastic

One of the most popular options is to use a debit or credit card. A debit card will allow you to spend money by using the funds in your bank account. On the other hand, credit cards will allow you to borrow money from the bank that issued your card. This means that with credit cards, you'll pay for your purchases at a later date when you receive your bank statement highlighting how much money you've spent. Using a debit or credit card is an available option at all online casinos, including those in Canada, and the majority of debit and credit card companies will authorise your transactions with ease.

Blacklisted Canadian Casino Sites
  • Cherry Red Logo Blacklisted
    Payout times stretching into months
  • Cirrus Casino Logo Blacklisted
    Player winnings confiscated frequently
  • Eurocity Casino Logo Blacklisted
    Dishonest business practices
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Jackpot City Step-by-Step Debit Card Deposit Guide

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1. Find The Right Game
Find The Right Game

Browse through the selection of online casinos and choose one that stands out to you. Sign up for your free account and decide on a game you would like to play.

2. Choose Your Payment Method
Choose Your Payment Method

Go to the cashier's deposit page and select 'Debit Card' as your preferred way to fund your casino account.

3. Enter Your Debit Card Details
Enter Your Debit Card Details

Similar to other websites, you will need to input your debit card information. Make sure everything matches what is printed on your debit card. Personal details, like your address, will also need to be added. This step is done one time; after which you will only need to input your PIN.

4. Make your Deposit
Make your Deposit

Choose the amount of money you would like to deposit to your casino account. Debit card limits vary significantly, and will depend on what is available in your bank account. In general, the maximum can be to C$2000 per deposit.

5. Deposit Confirmed
Deposit Confirmed

As an instant casino deposit, after a few seconds you will be presented with a confirmation screen. Now you can continue playing your preferred game with real cash!

Debit/Credit Card Withdrawal Guide

  • Log in and determine the amount you wish to withdraw - Log into your player account and decide how much you want to withdraw. Keep in mind that higher withdrawal amounts often come with longer processing times due to routine procedures followed by the casino to keep your money safe. Larger amounts trigger identity verification and fair gameplay review protocols. This may add hours or days to the process.
  • Choose a Withdrawal Method - Go to the cashier's page. Often, when using a credit or debit card for deposits and withdrawals, the name on the card must match the name on your player account. Likely, the same card you use to make deposits will also be used to make withdrawals.
  • Follow the Verification Instructions - Identity verification may include a request for notarized copies of a government issued photo ID, recent bank statement and/or recent utility bill. Follow the instructions to the letter for fastest results.
  • Make your Withdrawal - Once you've entered the necessary details and amount you wish to withdraw, you should receive confirmation. Now all you have to do is wait.
  • Withdrawal Processed - Once your identity verification, gameplay review (if applicable) and transaction are processed, the funds will become available on your credit or debit card!

Make the most of your cards

We've researched some of the most commonly accepted e-wallets and prepaid cards that can be used for convenient deposits and withdrawals at your favourite online casino. Many players prefer one or more of these options for the added security of using a third party to process financial transactions.

The table below compares payment/withdrawal options. Have a look at how they differ in terms of minimum deposit amounts, maximum withdrawal amounts and transaction processing times.

Spotting the best of the best

Online casino sites can be crowded and subsequently confusing to handle. Therefore, we think it's important that we filter out the weak sites from the great, for your benefit. To save you the stress of doing this yourself, we've searched the internet for the top online gambling sites that accept debit and credit card payments.

Our team of expert reviewers always look at these key elements when working out their verdict:

Welcome Bonuses - Some sites will give you a little extra to welcome you to their site and these are the ones that we recommend to our readers time and time again.

Safety & Security - Our top gambling sites are safe to use, and have a high level of security in place so that you can play with peace of mind.

Speedy Cashouts - Winning big is one thing, but getting hold of your jackpot is another. That's why we make sure all of our recommendations provide fast payouts.

Mobile Gaming - Gaming and casino apps that are available for you to use on your mobile or tablet are really popular and a welcome advantage to joining a top online casino site.

Range of Games - A top site should have a variety of table, slots, and live games for you to choose from, meaning you'll never want for more.

All of the websites we suggest scored highly on every category, so you should feel confident in going forward and trying them out.

Things to keep in mind with debit/credit cards gambling transactions

For the most part, depositing at online gambling sites accepting debit/credit cards is as easy as buying a few tracks from iTunes or ordering a pizza online. But some online casinos want you to send them a few pieces of documentation before they can process your first transaction. Common documents include a scanned copy of the debit or credit card you intend to use, plus a scanned copy of your ID. This is to keep you and the casino safe. And you're only asked for the documentation the first time you deposit. This is standard practice by many of the big online credit/debit cards gambling sites, so don't be alarmed if you're asked to prove who you say you are.

A note about debit/credit card security

For many Canadian casino players, using a third party transfer site is viewed as being safer than using a credit or debit card. After all, your personal information is kept with a third party, not the casino itself. But that doesn't mean online casinos are any less safe for online credit/debit cards gambling transactions. If you choose to play at a site that's reputable, you can take comfort knowing that your personal and financial information is kept private and confidential using industry standard encryption technology. But how do you know which online gambling sites accepting credit/debit cards are safe? To be honest, for new casino players, it's hard to tell. Thankfully, we're not new casino players.

We found the best, safest sites to play at

Before you choose just any credit/debit cards online gambling site, check this site first. We've done all the legwork to make sure that the online casino uses the right kind of encryption to keep your money safe. We also made sure that our readers have access to the best online casino games, software that's fast and realistic, and promos that Canadians deserve. To find a site that works for you, just click any of the links on our site. In just seconds, we'll take you to one of the online gambling sites accepting credit/debit cards where you can create a free account. Remember, you can play as many free online casino games as you want without making a deposit. So test the waters now and deposit whenever you're ready.

Credit & Debit Card FAQ

What credit cards allow online gambling?

Because gambling is easy to do in Canada, most major credit and debit cards will allow you to make deposits with an online casino. Casino sites on the web are very discreet when it comes to payment options, and it may not even be obvious on your statements that the transaction involves online gambling at all.

Visa and MasterCard are the most popular credit card deposit options among Canadians, and it's pretty easy to see why. They offer a high level of security, are quick and easy to use, and most Canucks already have at least one of them sitting in their wallet.

Which is preferred - debit or credit cards?

It actually makes very little difference whether you use a debit or credit card to make a deposit with an online casino. Both methods will, more often than not, be processed instantly and you'll see the money sitting in your account as soon as you return to the casino.

There is, however, one reason why you might prefer to use a debit card instead of a credit card. In the case of the former, barring any interest-free overdrafts, you only have access to the money that's in your account. Spending money that you don't have is never a good idea, which is why online gamblers might choose to avoid using their credit card even if they can pay the money back very quickly.

Are there any fees involved?

Barring any fees associated with using your card online–occasionally encountered during activities like online shopping and so on¬–that you already know about, you won't find any fees associated with using a credit or debit card to make a deposit.

This is very useful for Canadian players, as it means you won't be tempted to make a larger deposit than you feel comfortable with in order to avoid fees; you can choose to deposit as much or as little as you please, as often as you require.

Can I be sure my details are safe?

The best online casinos use bank grade security to encrypt your payment details and obscure your personal information from any hackers or scammers. This means that your details are as, if not more, safe with a top online casino as they are with any other online retailer.

Casino sites also monitor very carefully for any unauthorized access attempts, and take extra care to stay one step ahead of criminals. The nice thing about credit cards is that, if the unthinkable were to happen and details were compromised, you can often claim back any fraudulent spending from the credit card provider.

What if I don't have a credit or debit card?

With a very high acceptance rate, you might like to think about getting one! Credit cards are extremely convenient, not just for online gambling but also for making other purchases online or in Canadian land-based stores.

However, if you're set against using a credit or debit card, there are plenty of other payment options you can use at an online casino, both to make deposits and withdrawals. E-wallet services–which function very much like PayPal–are popular amongst gamblers on the Internet, but you can also use bank transfers and wire transfers to fund your account.

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