Sports Betting Online For Canada In 2020

If you thought the only way to get closer to the NFL, NHL, NBA, or CFL action was to increase the size of your TV, think again. Gambling online in Canada offers you way more legal thrills than you probably knew existed. By sports betting online, you can feel like you're smack down in the middle of the field, court, or ice.

But not every legit online sports betting site is open to Canadians. Rest assured, we know which ones to choose, so read on to find out how you can join millions of your compatriots at great online sports gambling Canada sites.

We recommend that any Canadian gambler looking to try online sports betting head straight to Betway Sports

Betway Sports
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NHL - Money Back if your team loses in overtime
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Spin Palace Sports
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Various sports to bet:

Horse Racing
Motor Racing

How We Review Sports Betting Sites

Our recommendations may seem a little random but they're actually grounded in a lot of intense research, with all of them being held up against a strict set of criteria:

  • There must be a brilliant welcome bonus package for new players
  • Very attractive odds & fixtures across a variety of different sports
  • Plenty of secure & reputable banking options
  • A dedicated support team available around the clock
  • Excellent compatibility with all popular smartphones & tablets

Tips to Maximize Your Sports Betting Experience

In Canada, players have tons of sites to choose from and they’ll all offer odds on which team they think is the favourite and which is the underdog. For your part, it’s really important to understand how those odds work.

The best betting sites in Canada use what are called "moneyline" odds. It’s an easy way for the casino to account for the skill differences between teams and still offer players a simple bet on which team will win.

Understanding Match Odds

To bet online on sports is an exhilarating way to feel more involved with your local team. Now that you can do it online it’s easier and more accessible than ever.

Moneyline odds might look complicated but they’re actually really simple. First you’ll see both teams listed with a number next to them. One might be -200, for example, and the other +250.

  • The negative number means that team is the favourite. Whatever the number is, that’s how much you have to bet to win back $100 in profit.
  • For example, the Blue Jays are listed at -200. You have to bet $200 to get $100 in winnings.
  • The positive number means that team is the underdog. If you bet $100 on them, the positive number tells you how much you’ll make in winnings.
  • For example, the Canucks are listed at +200. If you bet $100, you’ll make $200 in winnings on top of your bet.

Fractions and Decimals

If you’re using sportsbooks based outside of North America, you’ll often see what’s called Fractional Odds and Decimal Odds. Again, these might look tricky but once you learn the basics they’re a piece of cake.

  • Fractional and decimal odds both tell you the payout you’ll receive on a bet.
  • If a bet has odds of 2/1, for example, it means you’ll receive twice your bet back in winnings, plus your original bet. The same bet would be shown as 3.00 in a decimal system.
  • If a bet has odds of 1/3 it means you’ll only get back a third of your wager in winnings on top of your original bet. The same bet is expressed as 1.33 in decimal odds.
  • Use a conversion table or an online odds calculator to figure bets out quickly or us an odds converter to switch from one system to the other.

Point Spread:

A point spread is another way for sportsbooks to offer simple bets on who will win even though one team is usually much better than the other. It basically means you’re betting on a team to win by at least a certain number of points.

  • The Maple Leafs are listed at -2 point spread. That means they have to win by two or more goals for a bet on them to win.
  • The Devils are listed at +2 which means a bet on them will win if they win the game, tie, or lose by only one point.
  • In baseball the point spread is also called the run line.

Top Tips for Getting Maximum Value

There are millions of other people betting sports right now and the casinos won’t always give you the best deal without a little work on your part. Here are our top tips to max out your sports betting value:

  • Compare Odds In Advance: You don't need to have an account to compare the sites' odds. There are even very good odds comparison sites which compile odds over many sportsbooks on any number of markets. Choose your market carefully and hunt out the value. It's common to find wildly different points spreads at different sportsbooks and it all depends on how the books are being made.
  • Claim A Big Bonus: Sportsbooks aren't known for their big welcome bonuses but that doesn't mean you can't find one if you look hard enough. I addition to welcome bonuses, some sites offer cashback offers, enhanced odds, and refer-a-friend bonuses if you bring a pal on-board.
  • Make Your Bets Early: Since lines change, taking early odds can sometimes give you a huge advantage over everyone else. Choose your markets wisely and put out some bets months before an event.
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Blacklisted Canadian Sports Sites
  • BetUS Logo Blacklisted
    Players have had their bigger winnings cancelled
  • America's Bookies Logo Blacklisted
    Poor business practices reported
  • Logo Blacklisted
    Uses poor, unstable gaming software
View our top recommended and trustworthy sports books

Canada's Best Sports Betting Sites Online

There are all kinds of popular online betting sites Canada gambling fans can get their mittens on.

The best betting sites do their best to hook in players in with promises of big betting bonuses and bigger payouts with every win; some even promise payouts on losses.

Here are some of the biggest incentives sportsbooks will give you for your business:

  • Low-juice sites give better odds than most sites. The standard moneyline on a certain game, for example, might be -110 but these special sites will offer the same bet at -105. That means you can win the same $100 for $5 less by playing there.
  • Other online sports betting sites in Canada include cashback and special deposit offers that will match your first deposit.
  • Remember to check out the Live In-Game Betting markets too. With these markets, you can bet on the action as it happens in real time. Some Canada-friendly sportsbooks will even give you free cash to bet on "in-running" markets.
  • If you love the NHL, some Canuck sites have reduced juice on selected hockey matches. To attract players, the big sites also offer better odds, special lines and reduced point spreads on certain matches.

Types of Betting odds

There are 3 common types of betting odds used at sport books, Decimal Odds, Fractional Odds and American Odds.

Canadian Sportsbooks Aren't Just About Hockey

Let's face it, if online sports betting Canada residents were only allowed to bet on Canadian leagues, the sites wouldn't be very successful. Sure, CFL is exciting, but the season is so short and there are so few teams, it’s going to leave everyone wanting more.

Thankfully, the biggest and best online betting sites Canadian players can enjoy on the Internet have access to markets for every game in every major league international sport, including:

  • MLB baseball
  • NBA basketball
  • NFL football
  • English Premier League Soccer
  • NCAA basketball
  • Golf
  • Tennis
  • Lacrosse
  • Darts
  • Bowling

A Look at Sports Spread Betting

If you’ve ever heard people talk about a points spread or line bet and you’ve felt confused, don’t worry. It’s really simple.

They’re both ways for the sportsbook to put different teams on an equal footing for making bets. It’s necessary because people want to bet on one of the teams to win, but usually one team is going to win way more often than the other.

Casinos account for this by taking points from the favourite and giving them to the underdog to even things up. In simple terms it means that the favourite has to win the game by a certain number of points in order to win the bet.

  • Two teams are playing each other. One’s a big favourite over the other.
  • The game is listed at Ottowa Senators -1.5 and Toronto Maple Leafs +1.5.
  • That means if you wager on the Senators to win, they have to win by two or more points for your bet to win.
  • If you wager on the Leafs to win, they can either win the game, tie or lose by one point and you’ll still win your bet.

For an NFL example, let’s imagine the Falcons are taking on the 49ers:

  • The game is listed as Atlanta Falcons -4.5 and San Francisco 49ers +4.5.
  • As long as the Falcons win by 5 points or more, a bet on them wins.
  • A bet on the 49ers will win if the 49ers win, tie or lose by less than five points.

Because it affects whether you win or lose, the line is really important. Always remember that different sites set different lines. As a player it’s up to you to find the best lines and bet wisely.

Canada's government-run betting sites like Pro Line, Sports Action and Sports Select, for example, offer worse lines than most independent sports betting sites. Use our site reviews and rankings to find the best deals and the best odds for the sports you want to bet on.

Everything you need to know about mobile sports betting

Mobile online sports betting is the real future. Consumers are turning more and more to the small, portable screens of their Android or iPhone, and with cell phones becoming ever more integral to everyday life, this trend shows no sign of slowing down.

The benefits of online gambling on mobile are obvious: you don't have to stay in one place, you can gamble whenever it takes your fancy and not have to wait until you get home, and the screen size is smaller and so much easier to work with.

Will my online betting
experience be better?

As well as being more convenient, mobile gambling on a sports betting app is also making the experience much better.

With a smaller screen, mobile sites are cleaner as firms just don't have the space to fill with irritating adverts.

This means you can simply focus on the game - another reason to love mobile gambling!

But I'm so used
to my desktop

The great news is that with iPhone sports betting or even Android sports betting you don't have to sign up to new sites from scratch.

The rise of mobile sports betting means most, if not all these days, sites that you are already using have a mobile version that will be compatible with any device from smartphone to tablet, from Samsung to Google.

Whether its easier to use the app or the mobile online site will depend on the particular casino, but you will usually be allowed to use your existing account to play on mobile.

The look of the site will not have changed much - although there is normally the added bonus of it looking a little simpler and stripped back.

How simple
is it to use?

Online mobile sports betting in Canada is big business, so many firms are jumping on the online betting bandwagon - which can only be good news for you, the consumer.

With firms vying for your custom, the amount of mobile-optimized apps available is immense - and oftentimes the graphics and user experience is much more streamlined on sports betting apps and sites made for mobile than when simply accessing the web version on your desktop.

Which mobile
device is best?

There is generally no need to worry about which mobile device you are using - whether you are using an iPhone, a Samsung, or even an Amazon Fire Tablet, you will be able to find a mobile sports betting site suitable for you no matter what smartphone you have.

Android sports betting tends to be a smoother experience than 'iBetting', if only because most retailers make sure their mobile games are optimized for Android devices, as there are fewer limitations and hoops for them to jump through than with permissions for iPhone devices running iOS.

However, iPhone sports betting users won't be at a disadvantage once you know which mobile gambling sites will work on iPhone.

There are so many
sites - how do I choose?

Although the amount of options available for online gambling on/for mobile can seem daunting, we are here to guide you through the options.

Our dedicated team test out the sites for you and tell you which are the best options and which you would be wise to avoid!

The Most Popular Sports for Betting

NFL, CFL, NBA, and NHL are some of the sports leagues you can make bets on through online gambling sites. With 32 teams to bet on and 17 weeks of games, the NFL, or National Football League, is one of the most popular and lucrative sports to get involved with, including NFL betting.

Equally as exciting, the Canadian Football League offers a 20 week period for fans of the game to make wagers and win more cash. There’s huge winning potential with betting in the CFL, so if you are a fan of the sport, then make it more exciting by placing a bet on your favourite team.

Football not your thing? Well, why not basketball? The NBA, the National Basketball Association, is the most prominent basketball league not only in North America, but the entire world. There just isn’t anything quite like it anywhere else. If you enjoy the sport and want to make some quick cash, then place your bets and cross your fingers for a big win.

Hey now, you didn’t think we forgot about the National Hockey League did you? The NHL is the best hockey league on the planet - and we Canadians absolutely love the sport. We know you have an eye for predicting the outcome of the sport. Why not make it more interesting and put some real money where your mouth is by betting on some NHL lines?

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How to Find Top Online Betting Sites & Sportsbooks

Betting at a Canadian sportsbook on the web can seem complicated, especially if it’s your first time. Just relax and focus on these key points to find the best sites and sportsbooks to sign up with.

  • Some websites only cater to diehard online sports betting fans who have a history of wagering on sports. Other sportsbooks, meanwhile, keep things way too simple and don't offer the kinds of bets serious some players demand. Pick a site that caters to YOUR needs.
  • Take a shortcut and refer to our comprehensive ranking of online casinos that offer sport betting to Canadian players.
  • We test Internet sportsbooks for safety, security, range of markets, good odds and great customer service. Our experts are sports bettors with years of experience, and our opinions and comparisons count.

When it comes to the top Canadian online betting sites, you deserve the best advice. If a sportsbook isn't the best, it won't get onto our list – simple.

How to Bet On Sports Sites in Canada

Use the online sports gambling download links on these pages to get started. When you click one, you'll know you're betting on sports at a site that's fair and reputable. You can also benefit from a top real money CA currency sports betting bonus at the same time.

For everything online sports betting, Canada app and mobile gamers need only one site -! And remember, you can create a free account at a gambling website without having to place a bet. So start now and back a winner today.

Betway Sports Logo
Betway Sports
Get your C$250 Bonus at Betway Sports
  • Get a C$200 welcome bonus
  • Bet on all major sporting tournaments
  • Licensed site verified by eCogra

Sports Betting FAQ

How do you bet on football?

Sign up to a football site online and place a bet amount on the team you want to win for a specific game. Include the point spread of your bet when placing the wager.

How do you read the odds?

Learning to read odds is important. Odds are listed in this format 3:1 or 3 to 1. In this case the odds to win would be three times out of four and the odds to lose would be one time out of four. 5:2 would give you 5 out of 7 chances to win and 2 out of 7 chances to lose. Those are good odds.

How does the betting line work?

A betting line is a sports-betting term that determines how much the team has to win by, how much money you need to risk, and how many combined points you want the teams to get. The first item of the betting line is the point spread that determines how much more the favored team must get above the unfavored team to be considered a win. The second is the moneyline and that determines how much money must be wagered and how much will be won. The final number is the over under number, and that determines whether you think the two teams will get over or under a certain amount of points.

How does the don’t come bet work?

The don’t come bet is a craps bet that works like a personal Don’t pass bet. Only you can win the wager and your next roll after the don’t come bet serves as your come-out roll for that specific bet and follows standard craps mechanics.

What does it mean each way in horse racing?

Each way betting is splitting a horse race wager into a place wager and a win wager. The win wager pays out considerably more, but a bettor can still cash in on the place wager if the horse comes in 2 nd, 3 rd or 4 th, the amount will just be smaller.

What is a free matched bet?

A free matched bet is a bet made at a casino or bookmaker that’s offering free bets or incentives offered by the bookmaker. Betting with free money given as a promotion, or betting with matched money are examples of this.

What is betting on the line?

Betting on the line means betting on a game outright. When you bet on the line for your team, they must win the match and the amount of points they win by does not matter at all.

What is implied probability?

Implied probability is a conversion from odds to a win or lose percentage, removing the bookmaker’s edge from the equation for your true percentage value.

What are the best Canadian sports betting sites?

We recommend using the most trusted sites which include Sports Interaction , Proline, Sport Select and Sportingbet. Check out our 100% independent reviews for more details on those.

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