Canada’s Top Golf Betting Sites in 2020

Golf is a sport played and watched by millions in Canada and across the globe. With a host of big stars, and events taking place virtually all year, it is one of the biggest sports in the world.

It is also a sport that generates a vast range of betting opportunities. The result is that online golf betting has enjoyed a boom in recent years.

In this guide we’ll show you:

  • The steps you take to sign up to a golf betting site
  • What the best tours and tournaments to bet on are
  • What the most popular golf bets are
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How we Review the Best Golf Sites

  • Licensing

    We place great value on licensing and certification on sites offering SSL encryption

  • Security

    Being able to believe fully that you are using an honest, safe site is absolutely critical

  • Range of bets
    Range of bets

    The best websites offer a really broad selection of golf bets

  • Bonuses

    In such a competitive market place, sportsbooks need to find innovative ways to give extra value to bettors

  • Payment options
    Payment options

    We look for sites with multiple options – allied to more generous payout percentages

  • How to Sign Up to a Golf Betting Site

    • Golf Betting Site - Fact 1

      So you’ve decided to bet on golf. It’s time to choose a site you want to use

    • Golf Betting Site - Fact 2

      Head straight for the 'Register' or 'Sign Up' button – good operators make this very easy to find on the homepage

    • Golf Betting Site - Fact 3

      Complete all of the site’s registration form with your details

    • Golf Betting Site - Fact 4

      At this stage you may need a security question and answer to give you extra protection

    • Golf Betting Site - Fact 5

      Create a username and password

    • Golf Betting Site - Fact 6

      Tap in your promotional code (if you have one) to generate a bonus

    • Golf Betting Site - Fact 7

      Confirm your age and click to accept the site’s terms and conditions

    Popular Golf Bets

    As soon as you click on to a golf betting site, you’ll be greeted by a huge choice of different ways you can bet on the latest action.

    It doesn’t matter if you're used to decimal, American-style money line or British fractional odds. Our Odds Calculator below is the perfect tool to help you.

    Some of the most popular golf bets are:

    • Tournament winner bets

      Tournament winner bets

      Without a doubt, the most popular golf bet. Who do you think will win the tournament?

      Sounds easy, doesn’t it? Well, it does until you bear in mind that most golf tournaments have a field of more than 100 professional players.

      And at the highest level golf is sensationally competitive, with the finest margins separating the winners from the also-rans.

    • First round leader bets

      First round leader bets

      This is a popular option for the shrewd bettor. If you know which players traditionally make a fast start, they could be your selection.

      Alternatively, it could be that the weather forecast suggests the earlier starters will play in easier conditions. This is a bet that cuts down the variables inherent in four rounds over four days.

    • Top 10 finish bets

      Top 10 finish bets

      Beneath the top level of the sport, there are many players who make a very good living out of it without winning very often.

      Informed bettors will seek out the golfers who show great consistency in placing highly and back them accordingly.

    • Match bets

      Match bets

      It’s possible to bet on a match between two or three players who are in the same group. You can also bet on a virtual match between players who are not playing together.

    • Hole-in-One bets

      Hole-in-One bets

      This is a straightforward choice. Do you think there will be an ace in the tournament or not? Again, this is a bet that rewards serious study of course trends and the players taking part in the event.

    • Future bets

      Future bets

      If you believe a player’s style is suited to a particular championship some time in the future, this could be a bet for you. The longer in advance you make your wager, the more attractive your odds should be.

    • Accumulators


      It’s now possible to bet on a host of outcomes within a tournament. You may decide on one player to win, another to miss the cut and a hole-in-one to be scored.

      There will be a bookmaker to accommodate you. However, remember all your outcomes have to occur before you can collect.

    Types of Golf Betting Bonuses

    Today’s global betting industry is more competitive than ever. This means sportsbooks must come up with ever more inventive ways to attract and retain customers.

    One visible and well-established way of pulling in new clients is bonuses. These fall into three categories:

    • Welcome Bonus

      Welcome Bonus

      • As soon as you become a sportsbook’s new customer, you tend to receive a free bet or a boost to your initial deposit
      • It is rare for a sportsbook not to offer a welcome bonus, such is the intense competitiveness of their industry
      • It’s worth taking some time to check the T&Cs – you need to be satisfied the bonus genuinely matches the headline
    • Enhanced Odds

      Enhanced Odds

      • When there’s a big golf event on the way, it’s time to keep watch for an offer of enhanced odds
      • In most cases these apply to the result of the event, but they can also apply to another popular market
      • Both new and existing customers should be offered these enhanced odds. Your stake may, however, be limited
    • VIP Club

      VIP Club

      • One method in which sportsbooks persuade regular bettors to stick with them is an invitation to join a VIP club
      • Clients targeted in this way are being subtly made to feel elite and special
      • Club membership can earn free bets, access to special offers or enhanced prices that may not be available to newer customers

    Main Golf Competitions to Bet on

    • The Majors

      The Majors

      Four annual tournaments whose winners are guaranteed a place in the annals of golf. They are the Masters, the US Open, The (British) Open and the PGA Championship.

      These events are the highlights of the calendar for golf fans. Non-experts are captivated by the action too, which ensures online golf betting on these events is intense.

    • The PGA Tour

      The PGA Tour

      The highest level of the men’s professional game in North America. There are more than 40 events each year, with one staged in Canada.

      These are four-round strokeplay events, with an extremely tough and demanding level of competition.

    • The European Tour

      The European Tour

      With an exciting schedule of events and increasing levels of competition, the European Tour is closing on the PGA Tour in terms of stature.

      Tournaments are played virtually all year round, with several in the early months of the year especially actually staged outside Europe. These are usually co-sanctioned with other Tours.

    • The Asian Tour

      The Asian Tour

      Golf is incredibly popular in Asia, and the quality of the professional tour has risen steadily in recent years.

      There are now almost 20 events on the schedule, with prize funds big enough to attract elite players from across the continent and beyond.

    • The Ryder Cup

      The Ryder Cup

      This is a matchplay event held every two years between Europe and the United States. It provides thrilling entertainment and a host of betting opportunities.

      The Ryder Cup used to be played between Great Britain and the US. It was given fresh impetus by the addition of European players to the British side in the late 1970s.

    Mobile Golf Betting

    In modern times, with virtually everyone in Canada owning a smartphone, industries cannot afford to be left behind.

    Given the intense competitiveness of the betting industry, it is no surprise that sportsbooks are constantly seeking new ways to improve the experience of mobile customers.

    You can access betting apps and sites on all types of devices, such as Android and iPhone models, which makes mobile golf betting easy. You can bet anywhere you have an internet connection.


    Enjoying the experience of betting on golf has never been so easy in Canada. The expansive selection of digital sportsbooks on the market ensures plenty of opportunities to add to your sport watching experience.

    To find out all you need to know about sports betting in Canada, check out our homepage.


    How does golf betting work?

    First you weigh up the tournament about to be played. Using your golf knowledge, you forecast what is going to happen – and bet on that outcome.

    Your winnings, when you are correct, will be determined by the odds about the bet you place.

    Where are the best sites to bet on golf?

    Golf is a sport enjoyed all over the world, so virtually all sportsbooks will offer their customers the chance to bet on it.

    It is unusual these days to find a sportsbook without an app to back up its web offering. Our guide will help you to work out which ones are the best for you.

    What are golf betting lines?

    They show the likelihood of a particular outcome during a tournament or round.

    What are the most popular golf bets?

    Tournament winner bets are always popular because, due to the size of the field, you can get attractive odds about leading players.

    Match bets between players in the same or different groups also add greatly to the enjoyment of an event for many bettors.

    Is golf betting legal in Canada?

    Yes it is, but we strongly urge you to bet only on fully licensed betting sites, such as ones on our recommended list.

    What is golf spread betting?

    Spread betting is similar to the financial markets. You have to predict whether the result of a particular market will be over or under the spread, and buy or sell accordingly.

    In golf, this could be a bet on the overall winning score of a four-day strokeplay tournament. Don’t forget that, just like in high finance, you can win big if you get it right but you can lose big too.

    What are the main golf competitions to bet on?
    • The Majors
    • The PGA Tour
    • The European Tour
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