A Complete Guide to Bally for Online Casino Players

Bally Casino Software

Bally might not be the biggest name in the world of online gambling, however its contribution to the industry is still certainly a big one. With many of Bally’s games found at online casinos throughout the world, huge numbers of players enjoy playing their slots and table games every single day. On this page we’ll let you know everything you need to know about this online gambling company, so you’re then ready to head out and play one of their many games.

Bally games aren’t found at as many online casinos as the games from companies such as Playtech, NetEnt and Microgaming, however there are still enough Bally online casinos to give players in Canada a good choice. We’ve reviewed many of the online casinos in Canada featuring Bally games, so you simply have to read through the reviews on this site in order to find a Bally online gambling site that suits your requirements perfectly.

On this page, you’ll find loads of information about Bally, including:

  • The best Bally games for online gamblers
  • Which online casinos offer Bally games to players
  • A brief history of this company

Canada’s Top Bally Online Casinos

Are you looking for the number one place to play Bally online casino games? If so, you’ve come to the right place! We’ve reviewed many of the sites offering games from this company, so you can easily find the one that is perfect for you. Some of the more popular choices amongst Canadian players looking to play at Bally online casinos include Royal Panda and Casino Room, however there are plenty of other good choices as well.

When you read through our reviews, you can be sure that you’re getting information that is completely honest and accurate, as we are not owned by any online casino company. Each of our reviews will tell you about many important aspects of an online casino, and all contain information on the games, the bonuses and the ways in which the casino ensures your security while you’re playing. Why not read through our reviews now and find a great Bally online casino to sign up with?

A Brief History of Bally

Bally Casino Software

The history of Bally stretches all the way back to 1968, when Advanced Patent Technology was formed. This company had nothing to do with gambling though, and instead held patents in a number of different areas. They made their entry into the gambling world when they bought United Coin Machine Company in 1979, one of the largest slot companies in Nevada at the time. They then merged with Omega Enterprises, a slot machine manufacturer, in 1985. Then, in 1988, they changed their name to United Coin.

Over the years, they continued to be incredibly successful in the world of land-based slot machines, and in 1995 they purchased Bally Gaming International. They wouldn’t change their name to Bally Technologies until 2006 though. In the company’s most recent development, they were bought by Scientific Games, a company that also owns WMS. Since this takeover in 2014, they have continued to be a big player in both the worlds of online and offline gambling.

The Best Online Casino Games from Bally

With many of Bally’s games found at online casinos throughout the world, huge numbers of players enjoy playing their slots and table games every single day.

Bally have a large number of great online casino games, as you’d expect from a company of their calibre. The vast majority of their games are online slots, and they are known for including some fantastic features in many of them, such as leaderboards and social features, which only serve to increase the amount of enjoyment players get while playing them. When it comes to their best slots, Michael Jackson King of Pop, Titanic and Quick Hit all have to be considered extremely good choices for players looking for innovative and exciting online slot games.

While Bally are certainly big players in the world of online slots, they are not as well known for their other games, and have a limited selection of table games, video poker and scratchcards. Mobile players will be glad to hear that Bally have optimized many of their slots for mobile play though, and that their mobile games are equally as good as the ones found at desktop sites. This is the case for those using the vast majority of different mobile devices.

Start Playing Bally Online Casino Games

After reading the above information about Bally, you should now understand exactly how well-respected this company is, and how good the many different Bally online gambling games are. So, why not head to one of our recommended online casinos and try some of the games from this company? With so many to choose from, you’ll almost certainly find one that you absolutely love playing!

Bally Contact

  • 1820 Matheson Blvd
  • Unit #B4
  • Mississauga
  • Ontario
  • L4W 0B3
  • Canada
  • Phone: +1 905 282-3434

Bally Software FAQ

Who are Bally?

Bally are an online casino game manufacturer, as well as a company that produces games for land-based casinos. They weren’t initially founded as a gambling company, however grew into the industry through a series of mergers and buyouts, and now provide online gambling games to a number of different online casinos available to Canadian players.

What types of casino games do they create?

Bally create both online and land-based casino games, and they are focused almost entirely on slots. Their slots are known to be some of the most innovative around, with features such as social sharing and leaderboards often incorporated into them. They do not offer many other forms of online gambling games though, unlike some other similar companies.

What popular games are they responsible for?

Bally are responsible for a number of the world’s most popular online slots, however perhaps their best known titles are Michael Jackson King of Pop, Quick Hit and Titanic. They are known for having a number of tie-ins with major franchises, and also offer slot machines based on Friends, Pawn Stars and Duck Dynasty.

Where can I play them?

Bally slots aren’t found at as many online casinos as those from some other names in the industry, like Microgaming and Playtech, however there are still quite a few Canadian online gambling sites offering their games in 2020. We’ve reviewed a number of them here on this site, so why not read through our reviews and find your perfect Bally online gambling site?

Are the games safe?

Yes, you can be in absolutely no doubt that the games from Bally are completely safe to play, which is why they are enjoyed by so many different fans of gambling online every day. You can also be sure that any of our recommended Bally online gambling sites are also completely safe to play at, as we would never recommend a site that didn’t demonstrate the highest level of security.

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