Best Poker Sites In Canada for 2020

Find the best poker sites that offer big bonuses and a wide variety of games here. Read on to view our top tips too, plus a downloadable poker hands sheet and info on all the different online variations you can play for free or real money.

888 Poker
Bonus C$88
Paytime 24 hrs
Payment Methods
Payout 98.46%
Bonus C$800
Paytime 72 hrs
Payout 100%
FullTilt Poker
Bonus C$600
Paytime 24 hrs
Payout 98.31%
Poker Stars
Bonus C$30
Paytime 24 hrs
Payout 98.72%
Bonus C$200
Paytime 48 hrs
Payout 100%
Blacklisted Canadian Poker Sites
  • Bellugo Logo Blacklisted
    Little sign of proper regulation of site
  • Full Flush Poker Logo Blacklisted
    Most banking options don't work on payouts
  • Euro Poker Logo Blacklisted
    Players have reported technical issues with site
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Most Important Factors when we Rate Poker Sites

Poker cards and dice

Since poker became so popular, a lot of sites opened up for Canadians. But, take it from us, not every site is worth looking at. When we recommend the best poker sites we not only make sure they have great games and big tournaments, we also ensure they can be trusted with your money and personal info.

Here are the biggest things we look at:

Player Pool, Games, Tournaments

Not all sites can compete with the biggest poker rooms in terms of number of players and amount of games running. Lots of players want to play in huge tournaments so we always make sure the site has a healthy player pool. We also look to see how often Sit and Gos run and what kind of multi-table tournament (MTT) schedule the site has.

Bonuses and Promotions

A good welcome bonus can go a long way but it’s not the only kind of promotion to be aware of when it comes to poker. Since you’ll be generating rake for the site for as long as you’re playing online poker for real money, a lot of sites have generous loyalty programs to reward you. We compare what all the different sites are offering to give you a clear picture of who has the best deals.

Player Skill Level

Poker has changed a lot over the last decade. Players have gotten better and in general the game has gotten a lot tougher. At least that’s what you’d think if you only played at the biggest site. We’ve found lots of great sites that have more recreational players and less pros. We know our readers want the best chance of winning and one way to do that is to play against worse opponents.

Top 3 Easy to Use Online Poker Tips

Poker cards, dice and money

It’s true that poker takes five minutes to learn and a lifetime to master. Even though we won’t be able to teach you everything right now, we can provide a few powerful poker strategy tips that will make a big difference for beginners. Keep reading to learn a few moves you can use the next time you’re at the table.

Get Free or Cheap Experience

Online poker is great because you can get hands-on experience playing for free or for really low stakes.

  • Spend time learning poker strategy for free first without risking a significant amount of money.
  • All the best poker sites let you set up a play-money account to try the games for free.
  • Some sites even have special tournaments where you can win cash or buy-ins to real money tournaments.

Keep it Simple, Don’t Bluff

We’re not saying never bluff but as a beginner most of your profits will come from the times when you actually have a big hand.

  • It takes discipline to wait for good hands which is why a lot of other players will fire off chips with really bad cards.
  • As you get more experience you’ll learn more about when it’s profitable to bluff and when you can make more creative decisions.
  • For now focus on winning big pots with your big hands.

Focus on One Game, One Format

Online poker is a big world and there are tons of different variations and styles of games.

  • As a beginner it’s smart to focus on one game and one format.
  • You could choose to play No-Limit Texas Hold’em, for example and focus on multi-table tournaments.
  • Poker strategy is really complex so give yourself a chance by learning one thing at a time.

Study for Free Online

There are so many awesome resources available to study poker strategy for free online.

  • Learn basic concepts like pot odds and pot equity and graduate to more advanced tricks like multi-barrel bluffs and hand reading.
  • The more time you put into studying the game and how your opponents play, the more you’ll be able to win from them at the table.

Poker Cheat Sheet

Free Poker Cheat Sheet - Download and print this free overview of when to raise and when to call in poker so you can win the next game.

Download now

Poker Hands Order From High To Low

Poker Hand Rankings List - Download and print this free overview of top poker hands. Get to know the strength of your poker hand and win the next game.

Download now

Popular Poker Variants

Before you ante up to play poker on the web, you should know that Canadian poker sites offer many different variations of the game. There's Texas Hold'em, of course, and classic variations like Stud and Omaha, to name a few. You've also got your choice of No Limit, Limit, and Pot Limit.

Before you double click on a table or tournament, make sure you know what you're getting into. Many of our picks for the best Canadian poker sites will offer you quick tutorials so you know what type of game you're playing before you shuffle up and deal.

Texas Hold’em

The most common kinds of poker, each player uses two hole cards together with five community cards to make the best possible poker hand.


Played in five and seven-card versions, Stud doesn’t have any community cards. Each player receives all their cards, some face up and some face down.


Similar to Hold’em except each player receives four hole cards and must use exactly two along with the community cards to make the best hand.


The most common variety of Texas Hold’em, No-Limit refers to being able to bet and raise anything up to your entire stack at any time.


In fixed limit games you can only bet and raise in increments decided before the game begins. Many non-Hold’em games are played with fixed limits.

Pot Limit

Most commonly used in Omaha, Pot Limit refers to games where you can only bet and raise up to the amount that’s already in the pot.

Live Poker

Before the internet all poker was played live. All over the world there are live cash games and tournaments playing out for millions of dollars.

Poker Cash Games vs. Tournaments

Tournaments and cash games are two entirely different games and it’s really important to understand the key differences.

In tournaments each player buys in for a set amount at the beginning of the game and in return gets a set amount of chips. Everyone competes against each other and when you lose your chips, you’re eliminated from the tournament. The game continues until just one player is left: The winner.

In tournaments, the top 10-15% of finishers win a percentage of the prize pool. The higher you finish, the more you win.

In cash games each table has set stakes. That’s the amount you have to post in the blinds and how much you’re allowed to bet and raise in games with fixed limits. In cash games you can start and stop whenever you want and buy-in for more chips if you get busted.

Both cash games and tournaments offer online poker players entertainment and the chance to win some serious money. It’s up to you to figure out which one suits your poker playing style.

Cash Games Tournaments

Play takes place around a single table

Played across multiple tables simultaneously

Players can exchange cash for chips at a value they feel comfortable with

There is a set buy-in amount that all tournament players must meet

You can walk away from a cash game at any point

A tournament ends only when one single player is crowned the overall winner

Blind values stay the same for each consecutive hand

Blind values increase incrementally over a set time period (e.g. every 15 minutes)

If you lose all your chips in a cash game you can buy in again and re-join the action

If you lose all your chips in a tournament then you're out of the tournament

Want Convenience? Play Mobile Online Poker

In 2020 a huge slice of the poker community is already playing on mobile phones and tablets. Not only does it let you play when you’re on the go, it makes it way more comfortable to kick back on the couch and fire up a few tables.

Major online poker rooms all make their games available across a large selection of smartphones and tablets so chances are excellent you’ll be able to play on your favourite site using your mobile device.

You can play online poker on Apple iOs devices like iPhones and iPads as well as Android devices like the Samsung Galaxy and Galaxy Tab.

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Online Poker Could Mean a Big Payday

Poker is way different than gambling on games like roulette and baccarat. In poker you play against other players and you have tons of options to use smart strategies to win more money.

For people who get good, poker can be a license to print money. And even for beginners who only know the basics, all it takes is one big run in a big tournament to produce a huge payday.

Choose one of the top Canadian online poker sites on our list and get started today. All the tools are here for you to use so start studying and start winning now.

888 Poker Logo
888 Poker
Get your C$88 Bonus at 888 Poker
  • C$88 welcome bonus to get you started
  • Wide range of Canadian payment options
  • High payout rate of 98.51%

Online Poker FAQs

Where can I play online poker for real money?

The kind of poker we’re talking about, where you compete against other players and not the house, isn’t offered at regular online casinos. You have to sign up to a dedicated poker room and we’ve got tons of great options to recommend.

Which online poker game is the most profitable?

The most profitable poker game is the one with the worst opponents, regardless of the poker variant that’s being played. In specific terms we recommend No-Limit Hold’em and Pot-Limit Omaha as being the most profitable.

What game is the most popular?

Texas Hold’em and it’s not even close. Since Chris Moneymaker won the World Series of Poker and the movie Rounders came out, the vast majority of people have played NL Hold’em.

Can I play online poker with friends?

It depends. Arranging to meet friends at a certain table on an online poker site is frowned upon because it encourages collusion. Lots of sites offer what are called “home games”. These are private tables you can play with your friends at and schedule games or tournaments, effectively creating your own private poker club.

Can I play online poker for free?

Yes, all of the top online poker sites offer a 'play for free' option. Some even host free tournaments that award real money prizes or buy-ins to real money games.

Are online poker sites safe?

Yes, as long as you’re playing at a legitimate poker site. There’s a wide range of poker rooms on the internet. Some are completely trustworthy and others are complete scams. Choose a site from our list of approved poker rooms to make sure you’re not putting yourself at risk.

Is it legal to play poker online?

For Canadians it’s completely legal to play online poker. In Canada you’re also not forced to declare poker winnings on your taxes unless you’re a poker professional.

What are the best Canadian poker sites?

There are a handful of major sites that most people consider to be the top poker rooms. The one that’s best for you depends on what you like. One room might be known for huge tournaments while another works hard to develop a fun and social poker community. Browse our reviews to find out more and remember, there’s no rule against playing at lots of different rooms!

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