Mobile Gambling & Casinos in Canada

Mobile Gambling

Finding the right mobile casino for online gambling in Canada can be tough. This is why we've taken all the hassle out of it for you by rating the top online casinos for mobile in Canada. Choose from a list of recommended sites today!

How easy mobile gambling can be

Mobile casino gambling on your smartphone is the fastest growing market in the casino industry.

Mobile devices are amazing, aren't they? Playing pretty much any app is incredibly intuitive, partly because programmers know that a lot of people using mobile devices just need to get stuff done quickly, and partly because with so little space to work with, things have to be kept pretty clean. That whole prospect has made mobile casino play so amazing. A lot of mobile casinos forget that gamblers just want to focus on the game. When they create their betting experiences for the web, they often add a lot of clutter and graphics that get in the way. Without the luxury of space to work with, the online casino mobile experience is usually kept clutter-free. And that means the experience feels very focused, something that internet casino games players love. Playing is as easy as navigating to your favourite Canadian online casino and signing in. There's no real money app to download - everything happens through the web.

Android Android online gambling

Android was built for online gambling! Not really, but it still works amazingly well with your favourite games.

iPhone iPhone online gambling

Yes, iPhone users can enjoy gambling on their phone. While there aren't native apps, we'll show you where to play.

Tablet Tablet online gambling

If you want some more real estate when gambling, try playing on some of the best tablets on the market today.

Blackberry Blackberry online gambling

Even though Blackberry dropped off in sales, there are still many Blackberry users playing online today.

iPad iPad online gambling

Put your iPad's retina display to good use! Check out our top choices for iPad gambling sites.

Windows Phone Windows online gambling

Looking to gamble online with your Windows Phone? Well, you're in luck, as this device can be used to play and win at most online gambling sites.

Blacklisted Canadian Casino Sites
  • Cherry Red Logo Blacklisted
    Payout times stretching into months
  • Cirrus Casino Logo Blacklisted
    Player winnings confiscated frequently
  • Eurocity Casino Logo Blacklisted
    Dishonest business practices
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Your options for a mobile casino keep growing

The smartphone and tablet market seems to be outpacing the PC and Mac market by leaps and bounds. Just look at the number of new mobile casino apps you can download. And you've got your choice of carrier - Rogers, Bell, Telus, Virgin Mobile, Koodo, Solo, Chatr, Fido, Mobilicity, Public Mobile, Wind, and more. The numbers grow by the second. Sure, desktops and laptops won't go away, but mobile devices are making it easier for people to work, socialize, and play on the go. And "play" includes online casino sites. Mobile betting platforms are flooding the market - and that's causing a lot of confusion for casino games players in Canada. With every site large and small trying to get in on on-the-go online gambling, mobile casino experiences are becoming the rule, not the exception. And this is great news for real money online gamblers in Canada who want to play casino games and apps on their smartphone. Just like we've recently seen an explosion of carrier choice for cell phones, the number of mobile and casino betting options has gone through the roof. Whether you're looking for mobile casinos with sign-up bonuses to boost your account, or no deposit mobile casinos to get you started, there's a site and app out there for everyone.

Security and safety

Before you tap your way to just any real money mobile online casino, remember that with the flood of online casino options comes tons of scammers looking to capitalize on the on-the-go betting craze. No matter what smartphone or tablet you're on, remember that the market is relatively new. While there aren't tons of viruses to worry about, security concerns are on the rise for online mobile casino players. You never know if the casino you're about to tap your way to offers the right kind of security for your mobile device.

We only suggest the top real money sites, where security is a top priority as you play games. Just take a look at Spin Palace and Bodog, two popular casinos that offer quality mobile games.

The best mobile online casino sites - period

No matter what type of smartphone or tablet you're on, we found the best Canadian mobile casinos to play at. You can find some great betting action 24/7 on Android, iPhone, iPad and loads more devices. Each one of our real money picks has been vetted to make sure they're safe, secure, and honest. We've also made sure that each online mobile casino site works on 3G and LTE connections (if you're using an older Edge smartphone, we don't recommend betting on the go, unless you're on WiFi). Just use our download links on this website to find an online casino that works for you. We recommend signing up from a desktop or laptop (you'll prefer the extra real estate when creating your account and taking advantage of bonuses) but if you'd rather sign up from a smartphone and tablet, it should work just as well.

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Mobile FAQ

Are the laws the same?

Provided you don't leave Canada while you're playing, all of the laws associated with traditional online casinos remain the same for mobile gambling. In most provinces, the legal gambling age is 19 and we'd recommend that you wait until then before trying mobile gambling.

It's worth noting that if you're 18 years old and you travel from a province where it's legal to gamble at age 18 and above to one where the legal age is 19, it may seem like you're in a bit of a grey area if you're gambling on a mobile device. However, we can't say we know of any Canadian getting into trouble for doing this!

Where can I find mobile gambling sites?

Almost all of the top online casinos have a mobile offering, and visiting any one of these sites will either trigger their responsive site or direct you to the right place if you're looking to gamble on the go.

This is good news for players, as it means that they can use their existing casino account(s) to play on a mobile, rather than having to sign up all over again. It also means that you're more likely to encounter an interface that you're familiar with, although it will appear a little more stripped back than if you were to visit the site on your computer.

Should I gamble using an App or Site?

Some app stores have strict rules associated with real money gambling apps that make it difficult for casino operators to conform. For this reason, many more casinos provide mobile gambling to their patrons using a responsive site that can be accessed on smartphones and tablets rather than create apps.

Actually, this is of little consequence to players. It's possible to place a bookmark to these mobile casinos on your home screen and some responsive sites mimic the appearance of an app so effectively that it's easy to forget you're not using an app. If your favourite site does offer an app then don't be afraid to go ahead and use it, but you won't be missing out on anything if yours doesn't.

Do I need a solid Internet connection?

Ideally, yes. It's possible to use 3G to play your favourite casino games, but you're more likely to get a smoother experience if you're using WiFi. However, we have to recommend against using an unsecured WiFi network to access online casinos and make deposits, there's always a chance that a hacker can gain access to your personal information if you do.

If you do find that your connection keeps dropping, online casinos will generally bring you back into the game where you left off. If you were about to beat the dealer, you'll be able to resume your game when you get back online. However, this isn't always the case if you're playing against other players on, say, an online poker site. Leave mid-game and you risk forfeiting any money you'd put into the pot.

What platforms give users the best experience?

As a general rule, the bigger the screen the better the experience. If you've ever tried to play at a mobile casino on an aging BlackBerry, for example, you'll know that the small screen and lack of touchscreen don't exactly make for the easiest gaming experience.

Some tablets now have a screen size rivaling those of smaller laptops, and the mobile experience on such devices is almost on par with gambling in an online casino on a laptop or desktop computer. That's not to say that casinos and betting sites on smartphones aren't worth visiting, because they are great when you're on the go, just that they aren't quite as immersive as traditional online gambling sites.

Can I still qualify for sign-up bonuses?

In many cases, you can still get your bonus when signing up using a mobile device. Some CA online gambling sites even offer additional mobile specific bonuses to Canadian players who sign up on a smartphone or tablet.

However, other casinos require that you sign up on their website using a laptop or desktop. This isn't such a bad thing, it just means that they've decided not to make the signup portion of their website responsive. By signing up on their standard website, you're sure to receive their usual welcome bonus.

What about no deposit bonuses?

Many mobile casinos offer a no deposit bonus to welcome new players to their online sites. What's great about a no deposit casino for mobile is that you can play with money straight away, without losing any of your own. Our reviewers have tried and tested a list of no deposit mobile casinos to verify their security and, most importantly, to make sure that they always pay out.