2019's Best Online Roulette Games & Casinos

Online roulette is a favourite for Canadian gamblers and thanks a low house edge and tons of different betting options it’s one of the best games for real money online gambling.

Finding a great casino and getting started is easy but if you’re a beginner it pays to spend a bit of time studying up on where to find the best games and, most importantly, how to win. There are lots of options for where to play online casino roulette and you shouldn’t settle for anything but the best. This page will explain:

  • The most popular variants of online roulette
  • Roulette tips and strategies to help you win more
  • How we find and rate the best online roulette casinos

The best casino for Canadian online roulette players is Jackpot City.

Spin Palace
Bonus C$1000
Payout 97.44%
Paytime 24 hrs
Payment Methods
Payout 97.44%
Jackpot City
Bonus C$1600
Payout 97.16%
Paytime 24 hrs
Payout 97.16%
Ruby Fortune
Bonus C$750
Payout 96.39%
Paytime 24 hrs
Payout 96.39%
Bonus C$1500
Payout 96.22%
Paytime 24 hrs
Payout 96.22%
Bonus C$5000
Payout 95.98%
Paytime 24 hrs
Payout 95.98%
Blacklisted Canadian Casino Sites
  • Cherry Red Logo Blacklisted
    Payout times stretching into months
  • Cirrus Casino Logo Blacklisted
    Player winnings confiscated frequently
  • Eurocity Casino Logo Blacklisted
    Dishonest business practices
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How We Rate the Best Roulette Sites

There are literally hundreds of online casinos to choose from, ranging from the absolute best to the absolute worst. So what factors do our experts look at when they’re deciding whether to recommend a casino to our readers?

Security and Reputation

It all starts with trust. If you can’t trust a casino to pay you out when you make a withdrawal it really doesn’t matter how good their bonuses or games are. We look at the casino’s software, security, banking methods and overall reputation to make sure your money and personal information will be kept safe.

Bonuses and Promotions

Signing up for a new account always means taking advantage of a big welcome bonus and other valuable promotions. That’s why it pays to compare sites at the time you sign up to find the best deals. We instantly compare every site to make sure you get hooked up with the biggest bonus possible.

Games and Software

Whether you like traditional online roulette or more modern live dealer roulette, it’s really important that the casino have cutting-edge software that looks great and performs perfectly. With so many options we put a lot of emphasis on having top of the line games and software.

Fast and Easy Online Roulette Tips

Roulette Cheat Sheet - An Easy Overview Of Table Layouts And Odds

Roulette Cheat Sheet

Free Roulette Cheat Sheet - Discover the different types of bets, the layout of the European and American roulette tables as well as the betting odds.

Download Roulette Cheat Sheet

Roulette is a great game because it offers lots of bets and the house edge on almost all of them is really low. That said, you don’t want to jump into any kind of real money gambling without a plan. If you want to learn how to win at online casino roulette, follow these tips:

Only Play European Roulette

  • Only ever play on roulette tables with a single green zero (European roulette).
  • European roulette and it’s different than American roulette which also has a green double-zero.
  • Having two green numbers doubles the house edge from 2.63% to 5.26%.
  • Since European roulette is available at all online casinos it’s the only kind you should play.

Find Games with La Partage or En Prison Rules

  • Find games that offer La Partage or En Prison rules and it will cut the house edge in half compared to regular European roulette.
  • Although slightly different, both these rules have to do with outside bets that you lose because the ball lands on zero.
  • In both cases you’ll have a chance to have all or part of your bet returned to you.

Use a Betting System

Since there are lots of even-money bets in roulette like red/black and odd/even, the game lends itself really well to popular betting systems like the Martingale.

  • These systems suggest increasing or decreasing the size of your bet depending on whether you win or lose your spins.
  • Even though they can’t change the odds, they can make a big difference in your results.

Bankroll Management

One really strong roulette strategy that actually applies to all forms of gambling has to do with how you manage your money.

  • Start with setting limits for how much you’re willing to lose and how much you want to win.
  • If you keep gambling forever chances are you’ll lose eventually.
  • Only a small percentage of your total bankroll on each wager. That way you’ll be able to cash in on hot streaks but you won’t go broke after a few unlucky spins.

Popular Kinds of Roulette

As we mentioned in the previous section, the kind of roulette you’re playing has a big effect on your chances of winning. Let’s go over all the most popular variations of roulette to better understand their strengths and weaknesses.

American Roulette

This is what you find in North American casinos but if you’re playing online you should avoid it. American roulette has a green single-zero and a green double-zero which gives it a house edge of roughly 5.26%.

European Roulette

This is the most common variation you’ll find online and it’s a great choice because the house edge is 2.63%, half that of the American version! The better odds are because European roulette has just one green zero.

French Roulette

The French version of the game also only has one zero but it has another rule that makes it even better for gamblers. La Partage and En Prison rules are both forms of insurance that will return all or part of losing bets when the ball lands on zero. This is the best version of all and has a super-low house edge of 1.35%.

Live Dealer Online Roulette

When you’re playing roulette online nowadays by far the best way is with a live dealer. That’s when the online casino uses live video with a real dealer and roulette wheel. You can make bets and chat with the dealer while you play. It’s way more fun and social than traditional online roulette.

Play Free Roulette

Playing Online Roulette on Mobile

For years online gambling meant being stuck on your computer. We’re here to tell you those days are a thing of the past.

In 2019 all the best casinos let you play roulette and tons of other games on your mobile device. Now you can play roulette wherever you have a mobile phone, tablet and a data connection.

Casinos let you play using your device’s internet browser or by downloading a mobile app. You can play on most smartphones and tablets including Apple iOs devices like iPhones and iPads, plus Android devices like the Samsung Galaxy S8 or the Galaxy Tab.

Choose a Site, Get a Bonus, Start Playing

If you’ve never played online roulette or you’re looking for a new site to try out, you’re in a great position.

Signing up for a new account is the time when casinos really pour on the bonuses. They want your business and the best casinos know that it’s worth offering all sorts of prizes in order to get it.

Use this page to brush up on roulette and to find the casinos with the best games and the best bonuses. When you win your first big spin you’ll be glad you did.

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Roulette FAQs

How safe are online roulette casinos?

There are lots of online casinos and unfortunately not all of them are safe. That’s why it’s really important to choose.

Is online roulette fixed?

No, if you’re playing at a recommended online casino the games are guaranteed to be fair. The game’s outcomes are determined by a random number generator that’s checked regularly by the regulatory body that issues the casino’s gambling license.

How random is online roulette?

Thanks to the random number generator online roulette is just as random as any game of roulette in a Canadian land-based casino.

Which roulette variant offers the best odds?

Technically French roulette with La Partage or En Prison rules has the lowest house edge at 1.35% but it’s hard to find those games. Practically speaking single-zero European roulette has the lowest house edge at 2.63%

Is it possible to beat the roulette casinos?

Absolutely. As we said, the house edge is really low in roulette so generally speaking the player and the casino have an almost even chance of winning. In the short term it’s possible to be a big winner or a big loser playing roulette.

Is it worth using a roulette system?

If you see a system advertising a guaranteed way to win at roulette it’s a scam, straight up. But that doesn’t mean that betting systems can’t offer real benefits. Study up on systems like the Martingale and Paroli to learn more about how to use them to change your results.

Can I practice for free?

Yes, all of the top casinos offer a 'play for fun' option that allows you to get a feel for games without playing for real money or even making a deposit. When you log in, you'll be prompted to select whether you want to play for free or for real cash.