Best Online Casinos for Baccarat in 2019

Baccarat Online Casinos

Baccarat, also known as Punto Banco, is a hugely popular pastime among Canadian internet gamblers. And in 2019 there's never been a better time to open a new account and get in on the action.

But which online baccarat casinos offer the biggest bonuses, the best selection of games and the most trustworthy experience? In this guide to online baccarat casinos in Canada we explore it all with a focus on:

  • Strategies to make baccarat more fun and financially rewarding
  • The top baccarat casinos for depositing & withdrawing in CAD
  • How we find and rate the casinos we recommend

For June 2019 our reviewers have unanimously voted Spin Palace their top casino for baccarat games online in Canada.

Spin Palace
Bonus C$1000
Payout 97.44%
Paytime 24 hrs
Payment Methods
Payout 97.44%
Jackpot City
Bonus C$1600
Payout 97.16%
Paytime 24 hrs
Payout 97.16%
Ruby Fortune
Bonus C$750
Payout 96.39%
Paytime 24 hrs
Payout 96.39%
Bonus C$1500
Payout 96.22%
Paytime 24 hrs
Payout 96.22%
Bonus C$5000
Payout 95.98%
Paytime 24 hrs
Payout 95.98%
Blacklisted Canadian Casino Sites
  • Cherry Red Logo Blacklisted
    Payout times stretching into months
  • Cirrus Casino Logo Blacklisted
    Player winnings confiscated frequently
  • Eurocity Casino Logo Blacklisted
    Dishonest business practices
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What Makes the Best Online Baccarat Casinos?

There’s definitely no shortage of places to play baccarat on the internet but that doesn’t mean every casino is worth signing up for. The unpleasant truth is that there are plenty of completely untrustworthy sites that we would never recommend you to play at.

When we recommend a site, it means we’ve checked it out in detail to make sure it offers an amazing player experience and checks all the boxes when it comes to being secure and trustworthy.

The Best Games and Software

Making it to the top of our list starts with having an all-star line-up of games plus cutting-edge software. We look for casinos that use the best software developers and put the time and money into making their sites stand out. Mobile technology, live dealers and excellent cyber-security are just some of the things we look for.

Fast Deposits and Withdrawals

The whole point of winning money gambling is so you can enjoy spending it. That means having quick access to it whenever you want. We only recommend casinos that offer fast and convenient transactions using popular payment processors.

Excellent Customer Support

If you do run into problems it’s great to have a reliable and cooperative customer support team on your side. We work with casinos that make customer service a priority. We investigate what the site’s customers are talking about online and on social media when it comes to how they’re treated by the casino. It doesn’t take long to spot the sites doing an outstanding job.

Quick and Effective Online Baccarat Tips

Baccarat is a really simple game and learning a bit of key baccarat strategy can make all the difference. Below is a rundown of the most important baccarat tips and tricks from our team of experts. Stick to these and you’ll have the best chances of winning.

Always Bet the Banker

There are only three options in baccarat and one of which is the clear winner if you want to get the best odds.

  • The banker is the most likely outcome and has the lowest house edge.
  • The casino charges a 5% commission on winning banker bets.
  • Even with the commission it’s still the most profitable baccarat bet you can make.

Never Bet on Tie

If for some reason you want to switch up your bet, by all means bet on the Player. But whatever you do, NEVER bet on a tie.

  • The house edge on the Banker and Player bets are both low, 1.06% and 1.24% respectively.
  • The house edge on a tie bet is over 14%.

Use a Betting System

Betting systems like the Martingale, Fibonacci or Paroli all use even-money bets which makes baccarat a perfect match.

  • These systems rely on changing the size of your bets following winning and losing hands.
  • They can’t change the odds but they can help you book more wins in the short term.

Popular Kinds of Baccarat

Most of the time when you’re playing baccarat you’re actually playing punto banco. The difference really isn’t that important but technically full baccarat is only played live in very exclusive high roller rooms. Keep reading to learn more about the most popular baccarat variations.

Punto Banko (Mini Baccarat)

This is what you’re most used to seeing in real casinos and on the internet. All the dealing is done by the casino dealer and players can bet on either the banker hand, the player hand or a tie. Players never get to touch the cards and don’t have any decisions beyond placing their original bet.

Chemin de Fer

Also called 'chemmy' for short, this is the original French version of baccarat. It’s the same as “Big Baccarat” or “Full Baccarat” you can identify it because the role of the banker is passed around between the players. The shoe moves around the table in a counter clockwise direction which is where the game gets its name. Chemin de fer is French for railroad.

European Baccarat

Commonly found in casinos online in 2019, European baccarat gives players the option to stand or draw on five. In this version the banker is controlled by the dealer who has the option of drawing a third card from the shoe. But typically the gameplay most closely resembles that of traditional American baccarat.

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Understanding Baccarat Odds

You'll often see baccarat compared to flipping a coin but that’s a bit of an oversimplification. With three possible outcomes (player wins, banker wins or tie) the odds aren't the same.

Understanding this simple fact is the most important thing you can do to win at baccarat. The following table clearly shows how the odds are best on the banker bet, marginally worse on the player bet and downright terrible on the tie bet.

Banker Wins Player Wins Tie

1 Deck




6 Decks




8 Decks




How to Play Baccarat on Mobile

Baccarat is a really fun game to play online, especially with live dealers, and to make it even better you can now play when you’re on the go using your mobile phone or tablet.

Casinos offer all their games, including baccarat, right in your phone’s internet browser. Just go to the site, log in and start playing. Lots of casinos also offer dedicated apps that offer enhanced options on your mobile device.

If you have a reasonably modern iPhone, iPad, Samsung Galaxy, Galaxy Tab or any other Android device you’ll have no trouble playing baccarat online for real money on the go.

Get Big Value with Online Baccarat

If you’re used to playing baccarat live, you’re going to discover a ton of advantages to playing online. And the better the casino you choose, the more benefits you’ll have coming to you.

Starting with a big welcome bonus and continuing to a no-worries, action-packed playing experience, Canadian online baccarat casinos have a lot to offer.

Make sure to choose one of our most-recommended sites to guarantee yourself the best chance of having fun and making money playing online baccarat.

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Baccarat FAQs

Where can I play for real money?

There are hundreds of sites all over the web where Canadians can play baccarat for real money but they weren’t all created equal. Our reviews separate the good from the bad and make sure you get a safe and fun playing experience.

Is online baccarat rigged?

No. Thanks to random number generators the odds for online baccarat are exactly the same as playing the game in a land-based casino.

Is there free baccarat I can play for fun?

Yes, all the best casinos let you play baccarat for free when you first sign in and some don’t even make you register to try out the games.

Where can I play on a Mac?

Some casino sites offer Mac specific software, which will take the form of a .pkg or a .dmg file instead of the .exe associated with Windows. However, the vast majority of Mac users play in their browser using no download, also known as instant play, casinos.

Is it possible to employ a strategy online?

Absolutely. The same strategies that help players win at baccarat in land-based casinos work just as well on the internet. From pattern-based strategies to betting systems like the Martingale and Fibonacci, you have the freedom to use any strategy you can come up to try to win.

Can I play baccarat on my mobile device?

Yes. All major casinos offer their games on smartphones and tablets either by playing in your internet browser or through a downloadable casino app.