Best Boxing Online Gambling In Canada For 2017

Boxing Betting

Whether you want to wager real money on title fights or amateur matches in boxing, online gambling makes it easy to enjoy real cash boxing betting in Canada. While this classic combat sport might find itself overshadowed by MMA, betting on boxing lets you test your killer instincts.

It's not hard to find top online gambling boxing bets. The team has tested and compared dozens of licenced and regulated sportsbooks to find the greatest boxing gambling available in Canada. Enjoy the widest variety of bets, incredible odds, big bonuses and more. You can try out our top casino, Betway Sports . Keep reading to discover:

Keep reading to discover:

  • The greatest real money sportsbooks in Canada
  • How to win CAD on your computer, smartphone, or tablet
  • Frequently asked questions and answers about betting boxing

Start Rolling With The Punches

Boxing BettingWhether you want to watch or bet, boxing is easy to follow for Canadians. Two boxers duke it out over a course of three-minute rounds. Depending on the rules, you’ll find anywhere between 10 and 12 scheduled rounds in professional boxing.

With boxing online gambling, bettors should know that not all fights go the distance or last for the number of scheduled rounds. If the fight does last the predetermined number of rounds, the judges will determine the winner based on a scoring system. Yet it’s also possible for fighter to win by a KO or knock-out, which is exactly what you would expect, as well as a TKO or technical knockout. These are all important concepts for CA bettors who hope to wager on boxing.

Boxing markets are usually provided by all good Canada-friendly betting sites. With the rise in popularity of UFC gambling you'll usually find markets under the same tab on the site. Markets vary from site to site but usually cover some or all of the following: To Win, Outcome, Round Betting, Total Rounds, Distance.

The bet to win is a straight wager on one fighter and you'll be able to display the odds in Fractional, Decimal or American style. The Total Rounds is a simple Under/Over bet where the bookmaker picks the line. An Over/Under bet at 7.5, for example, means that if it finishes in 7 rounds the Under bet wins, and if it finishes in Round 8 or later the Over bet wins.

Round Betting can be made to predict when a fighter wins. You can also place a bet on a Decision or TKO (Technical Knockout) taking place at any point. The Distance bet is a simple Yes/No wager on whether the bout goes all 12 rounds.

Beat Everyone To The Punch

When online gambling, boxing betting options are endless. Not only can you bet on pro WBC, WBA, IBF, or WBO matches, but there are plenty of amateur options too. While some Canadian bettors limit themselves to wagering on heavyweight championship fights, you can take advantage of all the weight divisions and amateur contests when online gambling.

Boxing online gambling options in CA are as diverse as betting on many other sports. You aren't just limited to betting on the winner of the fight. Take advantage of the over-under on the number of rounds. Predict the winner and the exact round that the fight ends. Bet on a TKO, KO, draw, or take advantage of group betting that will cover you for various outcomes. The possibilities are endless when you take advantage of online gambling.

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Use Your Killer Instincts Anywhere

Canadian gambling sites let you bet on any boxing match, from amateur fights to the heavyweight championship bouts.

Did you know that you can enjoy boxing online gambling anywhere in 2017? When it comes to betting, boxing fans don't have to be at home to place their bets. The best boxing gambling let you place your wagers no matter where you are in Canada. If you have a smartphone or tablet, it's easy to bet real money at a bar while you watch the fight, while shopping, or anywhere in CA with a Wi-Fi or cellular internet connection.

All the top real cash boxing gambling sites work with any Android, BlackBerry, iPad, iPhone, Fire tablet, Samsung Galaxy, or Google Pixel. While some boxing online gambling sites do offer apps for download, they aren't mandatory. If you prefer you can place your bets in any mobile web browser. With html5 compatibility, you can wager CAD on just about any device.

Throw Your Hat In The Ring

If you're looking for great sports online gambling, boxing or otherwise, our team of betting experts have found the best sites for Canadians. Not only will you find the biggest variety of boxing bets, fantastic odds, easy deposits in Canada, quick cash outs, unrivalled security, and fantastic promos. You can also claim an exclusive boxing online gambling bonus just for signing up. Just visit any of these top rated sites to claim your free CAD.

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Boxing FAQ

Where can I bet on boxing online?

Most internet sportsbooks let you place real money boxing bets. Yet if you are looking for the best odds at licensed and regulated sportsbooks that welcome Canadian bettors, you'll want to check out or shortlist. Our experts have tested and compared every reputable site, so you can have the top boxing betting experience.

What boxing bets can I make, and which types are popular in Canada?

Online gambling gives you the opportunity to bet on just about any fight across the globe. It's easy to place your wagers on any WBA, WBC, IBF, or WBO fight, as well as amateur contests. When online gambling, boxing fans in Canada most often bet on the outright winner of the fight. Yet wagering on how many rounds the fight lasts and whether there is a knock, disqualification, or decision is also popular.

Can I make money gambling on boxing?

Boxing online gambling can definitely be profitable. With great fights every week, there's no pressure to bet for the sake of betting. If you only step into the ring when you find appealing odds, then it's possible to come out ahead. Just make sure you do your research.

What are sports betting lines and how do they apply to boxing betting?

Boxing lines and odds are similar to other sports betting lines. They simply tell you how much you stand to win by placing a particular wager. Sports betting lines are often listed in American format, but you may encounter fractional or decimal odds, which are both self-explanatory.

A negative number beside a boxer's name indicated how much money you'll need to bet if you want to make a $100 profit. A positive number tells you how much real cash you'll win if you bet a $100. In this case, Pacquiao is the heavy favourite and you would need to wager $1000 CAD to receive $1100 for a $100 profit should Manny win. At the same time, you only need to bet $100 on Vargas to win $600 or make a $500 CAD profit. Of course, the latter outcome is far less likely.

What is a good amount to bet?

The ideal amount to bet is different for every Canadian. It depends on your financial means, knowledge of boxing, confidence, and how much risk you can tolerate. We recommend that you always play responsibly and never bet more than you can afford to lose.

Is there a strategy I can use?

When online gambling, boxing bettors in Canada might want to consider handicapping their bets. Don't limit yourself to just betting on the outright winner. Betting some of your money on round betting can pay dividends. Yet no matter what your online gambling strategy is, it's always best to do your research in CA.

Are internet gambling sites secure?

If you stick to licensed and regulated sites like the ones we recommend, you can count on excellent security. All of our top rated sites use at least 128-bit SSL encryption to protect your personal information, payment data, and bankroll.