Sport Select review for 2024

  • Licensed and regulated sports betting lottery
  • Available to Canadian residents only
  • Easy-to-use and efficient website
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  • Licensed and regulated sports betting lottery
  • Available to Canadian residents only
  • Easy-to-use and efficient website
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  • Western Canada Lottery Corporation
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Our Verdict

Sport Select is a sports betting lottery platform managed by the Western Canada Lottery Corporation (WCLC). It focuses on specific provinces in Canada and goes by different names in those provinces, but nonetheless the game rules remain the same.

Sport Select offers various betting options and sports for players to bet on, including soccer, baseball, football, hockey and many more. However, there have been numerous complaints by Canadian gamblers of poor odds and capped wagering combinations.

Indeed, we have found that the drawbacks associated with this platform far outweigh the benefits. The inability to bet online, the absence of bonuses and promotions, and poor betting odds overall make it a platform we don’t recommend to our readers.

  • Numerous types of sports to bet on
  • Licensed and regulated
  • Exclusive to Canadian residents
  • You can’t play online
  • Complaints of poor odds
  • No bonus offers
  • Capping on wagering combinations
  • Outdated website

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Sports Betting at Sport Select


A question that is often asked is ‘how does Sport Select work?’ The sports betting site is best categorized as a platform. It only shows you odds so you can compare them for the best option. You can’t play Sport Select online, so once you have decided your bet, you will need to head to a retailer near you to purchase your ticket.

Be aware that Sport Select is known for its extremely poor odds before you purchase your tickets. You can buy lottery tickets at local retailers across Manitoba, Alberta, Nunavit, etc. And if your ticket wins, you can claim your prize from any WCLC retailer.

Sport Select allows you to bet on several different sports. Some of these include:

Types of Bets on Sport Select

So, if you can’t play online, how do you bet on Sport Select? Sport Select offers you numerous types of betting options, including Pro-Line, Over/Under, Point Spread, Pools and Props.

These are similar to the games offered by the OLG (read our review of the OLG Pro-Line sports betting site), but there are some differences in the Sport Select versions.

In the Sport Select Pro-Line bet, you bet on the team that will win and how many points they will win, or depending on the sport, if it will be a Pro-Line tie. If your choices are accurate, you win. Depending on the game you are betting on, the points needed for a win in the WCLC Sport Select Pro-Line might vary, so make sure to check out the Sport Select training guide to understand what each bet entails.
This isn’t a question of who wins or loses, but the number of overall points in a game. Here you bet the game scores under or over the line, and you win if your bets are accurate.
Point Spread:
Here, you don't have to worry about if your team wins. You bet on whether the favourite team covers the ‘spread’, or if the underdog will stop them from covering it.
In the Sport Select Pools bet, you will have to accurately determine each game's pools results on the Pools card. You need to get the most correct to win, or you can share the prize pool with others for that card.
This is a bet that requires you to choose who will win a matchup between two players in a particular category like hockey.

Game Lists

The WCLC Sport Select Game Lists is a page on Sport Select that helps you compare and choose your ideal bet before heading to a retail outlet close to you to purchase your ticket.

It lists out the games running for the next three days. It also includes the time, name of visitor team, home team and the various odds. You can hover between five bet types, which include Pro-Line, Over/Under, Point Spread, Pools and Props.

Once you have chosen one of the options, you have two choices:

  • First, you click on the ‘Print List’ button. This prints out the list of upcoming games along with their odds. You can then use this as a reference for when you go to purchase your ticket.
  • Your second option is to tick your preferred games on the list and add your wager. Wagers range from 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 8, 9, 10, 15, 20, 25, 50, 75 Canadian Dollars to as high as C$100. If you’re satisfied with your selection, you can then print a summary that will show your selected games and expected payout. This is what you will use as a reference when you go to purchase your ticket.

Sport Select Odds


Sport Select uses decimal odds, which indicate the amount you win for every C$1 you wager. So, let us presume that you make a wager of C$100 on a team with 2.0 odds and win – you will simply multiply 100 by 2 = 200 – your initial stake of C$100. This will leave you with a profit of C$100 – pretty easy, right?

The major problem with Sport Select is that its odds are very low. And worse still, the points required to win in specific sports are strange.

In basketball, a home win bet means the home team must win by six points or more. And five points or below is a Tie. On the other hand, a visitor win means the visiting team needs to win by six points or more. These are not easy bets to win if you properly weigh them.

To help you better understand Sport Select odds, let’s use a baseball game playing on 18 June as an example. The professional baseball match between Philadelphia and San Francisco has home win odds of 1.60 and visiting team win odds of 1.80. This means if you bet C$100 on San Francisco, which is the home team and win, you earn C$100 X 1.60. This is C$160, which leaves you with a profit of C$60.

However, this same game on Sports Interaction, another popular sportsbook in Canada, comes with a home win odds of 1.93. And the visiting team odds for the same game is 1.90. This means if you make the same bet of C$100 on Sports Interaction and win, you get C$193. From this, you get a profit of C$93.

The difference between the same bets for the same amount is a whopping C$30. And even though it may seem little, imagine how much you lose when you make numerous wagers with these same differences in odds? This is quite poor, considering you are going through the same stress and spending the same amount on both sports betting platforms.

Sport Select Bonuses & Promotions


Sport Select Canada doesn’t offer players any bonuses or promotions. Unlike the enticing welcome bonuses you find on the majority of today’s online casinos, you won't find any here. In addition, Sport Select doesn’t have a VIP program for players.

The platform does offer a ‘Combo Play’ bet, which is the only thing close to a promotion as far as we can see. This is a bet on numerous combinations of one game. Unlike the other bets, you still stand a chance of winning, even if not all your predictions are accurate. You can see it as a reward for at least trying.

Sport Select Mobile Betting Options


Many online betting platforms have started to see the significance of a mobile platform. While Sport Select has a mobile site, which can be accessed on most devices including iPhone, Android and tablets, it is extremely limited as it hasn’t been fully optimised.

The mobile view limits you to only checking your odds and calculating your potential wins. You do have you the option of switching to the full-site view when using your smartphone. With this, you can do everything as you would on your desktop, especially with devices with larger screens of more than six inches.

If you prefer, you can also switch to a landscape view on your device, which further improves the overall experience. However, we can’t say the same about smaller phone screens. Overall, like the desktop version, the mobile site is very outdated and in desperate need of modernising.

Sport Select Deposits & Withdrawals


You can’t place bets on the Sport Select site. This means your banking options are limited to the retail outlet you visit to purchase your ticket. All of these outlets will most likely support payment via cash. However, others may accept Visa, MasterCard, Interac and American Express.

Payment Method Deposit Withdraw Withdraw Time
Visa From C$20 to £5000 From C$100 to C$2100 Within 5 Working Days
Mastercard From C$20 to £5000 From C$100 to C$2100 Within 5 Working Days
EcoPayz From C$10 From C$10 Within 48 hours
Entropay From C$20 to £5000 From C$15 to C$3000 Within 48 hours
Paysafecard From C$20 to C$250 From C$25 Instant
Trustly Bank Transfer From C$10 to C$50,000 From C$10 to C$50,000 Up To 3 Working Days
Bitcoin From C$10 to C$8000 From C$10 to C$2,000 Within 24 hours

To claim/withdraw your winnings, you need to visit the lottery office or retailer. And if you like, you can also claim winnings by mailing your tickets to:

Western Canada Lottery Corporation
Prize Payout
Main Floor, 125 Garry Street
Winnipeg, Manitoba R3C 4J1

Note that this is not an option we recommend since you take all the risks via this method. If anything happens during transit, the WCLC won’t take responsibility.



Sport Select is limited to its website, which looks extremely outdated at this point. Its only good feature is that it comes with a reliable odds calculator. The major downside is that it does not allow you to wager online.

The site does offer a download option, allowing you to download pdf documents containing information about various game conditions and prize structures. You will need to have Adobe Reader installed on your system to view them.

Customer Support


You can contact the Sport Select customer care team via phone. The team is available Monday to Friday during regular business hours. Alternatively, there’s also a Feedback page where you can submit inquiries, which will again be answered during regular business hours.

  • Phone number: 1-800-665-3313
  • Availability: Monday – Friday during regular business hours

Sport Select FAQs

Is Sport Select legit?

Yes, it is. The platform is run by the Western Canada Lottery Corporation, which is fully regulated. You can use this platform without any hassles.

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