Best Super Bowl Online Gambling Sites In Canada

Super Bowl Betting

The Super Bowl is watched by more Canadians than either the Stanley Cup or World Series finals. So it shouldn't be surprising that real money Super Bowl betting has become quite an event in itself.

At sites that offer online gambling, Super Bowl bets are always the biggest draw. Yet there's no sense wasting your loonies on just an average site. We've found the top sports betting sites that welcome Canadian bettors, like our #1 pick Betway Sports.

Keep reading and you'll find:

  • Useful tips for Super Bowl gambling in Canada
  • How to make sense of Super Bowl betting odds
  • The best places to place real money NFL bets for Canadians
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Don't Sit On The Sidelines

Super Bowl Betting

We're online gambling experts and NFL fans who have taken the time to assess, review, and compare betting sites for Canadian sports fans. Whether you are enjoying Super Bowl online gambling for the first time or bet every Sunday and want a new place to bring your CAD bankroll, we have you covered.

Our team checks out every site's:

  • Gaming licence
  • Quality of customer service
  • Variety of real money banking methods
  • Types of bets you can make
  • How competitive the odds are
  • Available bonuses as well and promos
  • Whether you can bet in CAD

The Biggest Game On Earth

Even if you don't care about sports or online gambling, Super Bowl coverage is hard to avoid. The NFL's annual championship game takes place every February and pits the NFC and AFC champs against each other at a neutral site.

If you love online gambling, Super Bowl betting is available all year long. You can bet on next year's winner pretty much as soon as this year's game wraps up.

While you will find lucrative Super Bowl betting odds if you can predict the champs far in advance, CA sportsbooks take most of their bets in late January and early February. Don't forget there is a whole NFL season filled with other real money betting opportunities.

Blacklisted Canadian Sports Sites
  • BetUS Logo Blacklisted
    Players have had their bigger winnings cancelled
  • America's Bookies Logo Blacklisted
    Poor business practices reported
  • Logo Blacklisted
    Uses poor, unstable gaming software
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Betting On The Big Game

The Super Bowl isn't just the biggest event in sports. The annual big game is always brimming with hundreds of unique betting opportunities.

When online gambling, there are tons of different ways you can wager on the Super Bowl:

  • Super Bowl fans enjoy picking the outright winner of the game by taking advantage of money line bets.
  • Sometimes you can find better Super Bowl Odds by taking advantage of the point spread, which requires the favourite to win by a set number of points. At the same, you can still win a bet on the underdog if they lose by less than the spread.
  • When exploring Super Bowl betting lines, you'll also encounter over-under bets, which require you to predict whether the sum of the final score will be higher or lower than a number set by the casino.

The great thing about Super Bowl online gambling is the number of bets Canadian sports fans can make. Top sites feature great Super Bowl odds on everything you can imagine.

Bet on:

  • The number of touch downs
  • Whether the game goes into overtime
  • The margin of victory
  • The number of interceptions
  • Who the MVP is and much more

When online gambling, Super Bowl viewers who don't like sports can wager on everything for the halftime show songs, coin toss, and what colour of Gatorade gets dumped on the winning coach's head.

Place Your Bets On Your Tablet Or Smartphone

You don't need a computer to enjoy Super Bowl gambling. All our recommended sportsbooks let you win real cash on your mobile. It doesn't matter if you are a loyal iPhone, Windows Phone, iPad, or Android user. You can count on 100% compatibility with your device. Whether you have a device made by Samsung, Apple, HTC, Sony, Huawei, Google, or any other manufacture, you'll be able to enjoy Super Bowl online gambling anywhere at any time.

Although some gambling sites do offer special apps, it's just as easy to research Super Bowl betting lines and place your real cash bets in your browser. Thanks to HTML5 technology, you can count on a great betting experience on any laptop, desktop, tablet, or smartphone. That's excellent news for anyone who likes online gambling.

Super Bowl bets don't have to end at kick off, which means you can wager during the game at the bar or wherever you watch the action in 2019.

Get Ready For Kickoff

It's not hard to find great Super Bowl online gambling when you count on our team in 2019. Our Canadian sport betting experts have compared every licensed, regulated, and certified gambling website that welcomes players from Canada. We've not only found sites with the best Super Bowl odds and biggest variety of sports bets, but you'll earn a big CAD bonus when you sign up. Just visit our shortlist of top internet casino sites to get started.

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Super Bowl FAQ

Where can I bet on the Super Bowl on the internet?

You can place real money Super Bowl bets on just about every internet sportsbook. Yet for the best odds and biggest variety of bets you'll want to visit our recommended football gambling sites. They're all fully licensed and are guaranteed to welcome CAD.

You can make hundreds of different types of bets on the Super Bowl:

  • Most gamblers bet on who the outright winner will be
  • You can also bet using the point spread
  • You can wager on individual quarters
  • The winning margin
  • Total points
  • Number of field goals
  • Whether the game goes into overtime
  • Length of the longest touchdown
  • Time of the first TD and so much more

You can even bet on the length of the national anthem, game MVP, and whether the QB thanks Jesus.

Can Super Bowl betting be profitable?

Betting on the Super Bowl can definitely be profitable Not only is there extensive game coverage, analysis, and research available, but the variety of available bets means you can pick and choose. Even if you don't follow football, there are great off-field prop bets that you can profit from.

I've heard of 'sports betting lines', what are they?

There are several different kinds of sports betting lines. The most common kind is known as the football spread, which factors in a margin of victory rather than just the final score. You'll also find money lines that let you pick the outright winner. The over-under lets you bet on whether the total number of points scored during the game with be higher or lower than a specified amount.

What is a good amount to bet on the Super Bowl?

The ideal amount to bet on the big game depends on your online gambling budget, appetite for risk, and knowledge of the game. Sites let you wager as little as $1 CAD or you can bet thousands if you prefer. Just remember to never wager more than you can afford to lose, no matter what you're betting on.

Is there a strategy I can use?

Like all forms of sports betting, the best strategy is to be informed. Fortunately, the Super Bowl is the most widely covered sports event on the planet. Read a few articles, brush up on the stats, and choose your bets wisely. Remember that there are hundreds of different bets, so being picky can pay dividends. It's a good idea to compare Super Bowl betting lines on different sites before placing your bet.

Are online gambling sites secure?

All our recommended gambling sites are dedicated to privacy and security. They all use at least 128-bit SSL encryption to process payments and protect your personal information. If you plan on finding your own sites, make sure you always stick to fully licensed and regulated sportsbooks.