Best CFL Online Gambling Options In 2019

Football Betting

The CFL boasts legions of fans from coast to coast. From preseason to the Grey Cup, the Canadian Football League schedule is always packed and you can make every game infinitely more thrilling with CFL online gambling.

If you love real money online gambling, CFL bets are available at most popular sportsbooks. At the same time, your betting opportunities vary widely and not all CFL betting sites are available in Canada. Luckily we've tested, reviewed and compared all your football online gambling options. If you are ready to start now, you can place your first bets at Betway Sports.

Here's what Canuck football fans will find in this guide:

  • An introduction to real money CFL betting odds and lines for Canadians
  • Recommended CAD friendly internet gambling sites and sportsbooks
  • Tips on how to enjoy Canadian Football League gambling on your smartphone or tablet
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Football Betting

Whether you are new to the world of CFL online gambling or are looking to upgrade your football betting experience, you've come to the right place. Our dedicated team of gambling experts rigorously vets, rates, and compares betting sites so players like you can wager with confidence.

When you visit any of our top regulated CFL online betting sites, you can count on:

  • The best odds, widest variety of bets
  • Convenient CAD banking methods
  • Fast payouts
  • Excellent customer service
  • Top-notch security
  • Generous sign up bonuses, and so much more.

Why not profit from our proven track record in 2019?

Getting Acquainted With the Canadian Football League

Although the Canadian Football League's first season took place in 1958, most of the teams are much older. In fact, football teams in Canada have been competing for the championship Grey Cup since 1909.

Check out these fast facts on the CFL:

  • The league currently has nine teams split between the eastern and western conference.
  • During the course of the regular season, which runs from late June until early November, teams play a total of 18 games, which makes for plenty of CFL online gambling opportunities.
  • Matches take place roughly once a week with a couple of bye weeks to make things interesting.
  • At the end of the regular season, the top three teams in each conference reach the playoffs.
  • When enjoying online gambling, CFL fans know that their team has a good shot of making it to the postseason, as only three teams miss out on the fun.
  • There is a crossover rule in effect, which means that fourth place team in any conference can reach the playoffs if they have a better record than the third place team in the other conference.

CFL online gambling heats up in November with division semi-finals, finals and ultimately the Grey Cup. The big game takes place at a neutral site, which is decided a couple years in advance, just like the Super Bowl.

Getting Familiar With Your Betting Options

With just nine teams in the league, it's easy to master CFL betting even if you've just started following the game.

Anyone who has ever wagered on sports will tell you just how many ways there are to bet. The Canadian Football League is no different in that regard.

When you're looking for CFL betting odds, choosing the outright winner is only the beginning. Aside from betting on the money line, which tasks you with picking the winning team, you'll also want to explore the betting line.

CFL football betting lines or spreads factor in a margin of victory, which means your team doesn't necessarily need to win the game for you to take home real money.

Over/under bets let you wager on whether the final score is higher or lower than a set number of points.

If you are new to the world of CFL football betting odds, winning real cash is still realistic. Given the small number of teams in the league, it's easy to be knowledgeable about the game.

The best online gambling sites offer a decent variety of bets, that it's easy to find at least a few that are appealing on a given game. You can also take advantage of live betting to profit once the action has started.

Blacklisted Canadian Sports Sites
  • BetUS Logo Blacklisted
    Players have had their bigger winnings cancelled
  • America's Bookies Logo Blacklisted
    Poor business practices reported
  • Logo Blacklisted
    Uses poor, unstable gaming software
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Placing Your Bets On The Go

It doesn't matter if you have an iPhone, iPad, BlackBerry, Windows Phone, Fire tablet, Samsung Galaxy, or Android device, you can place your bets anywhere there's an internet connection. Whether you are in bed, at a bar, or in a food court you can place you can get your CAD in the game.

And lots of sites now offer live betting, which means you can wager on individual plays while the game is in progress, no matter where you are.

Although some online gambling sites do offer dedicated apps, most sport betting sites work fine in any mobile browser. CA players can expect full compatibility whether they prefer iOS, Android, or anything else.

Finding The Best Places To Bet

If you're ready to start online gambling, CFL games are available at dozens of sportsbooks. Unfortunately, not all sites welcome players from Canada or CAD denominated bets in 2019.

Luckily, our sports betting experts have tested every licenced and regulated sports betting site in existence to find the top spots to place your wagers.

You'll not only find the best CFL online gambling odds, but you'll be able to get your loonies in the game quickly. Canadian players can also claim a generous real money welcome bonus at our top rated betting sites.

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Football FAQ

Where can I bet on Canadian football?

You can wager on football by visiting any of the CA friendly betting sites listed on this page. Keep in mind that the regular season only runs from June through November, but you can bet on the next Grey Cup as soon as the last one ends.

When online gambling, CFL betting options are endless. Still, most players opt to bet on:

  • The outright winner
  • The game line
  • The total number of points scored in the game.
  • The winning margin
  • Individual quarters
  • The first team to score
  • The total number of touchdowns, and so much more.

Can betting on Canadian football be profitable?

CFL online betting can definitely be profitable. Top online gambling sites offer enticing odds and there are plenty of upsets in the league. With only nine teams, it's easy to become knowledgeable about the league.

What are CFL sports betting lines?

When wagering on football in Canada, you'll likely encounter sports betting line or point spreads. When you bet on the point spread, the favoured team needs to win by a specified margin. At the same time, you can still win a bet on the underdog even if they lose, as long as they cover the spread.

This is different than money line bets, which require you to pick the outright winner. When making use of a betting line, CFL football fans should note that the odds tend to shift as game day approaches.

What is a good amount to bet?

It's always best to play responsibly and stick to a budget. That means betting no more than you can afford to lose. It's possible to wager as little as a loonie or thousands if you prefer. Keep in mind you may find different minimums and maximums on different games and sites.

Is there a strategy I can use?

Just like all forms of online gambling, CFL bettors will want to do some research. That may involve watching games, listening to sports radio, and reading expert coverage online. It's also a good idea to compare the odds and lines across sites so you can cash in on any discrepancies.

Are internet betting sites secure?

All of the top rated real money gambling sites listed on this page are safe and secure. Whether they are processing payments or protecting your personal details, sites use the latest encryption technologies to keep your data safe.