Your Best Online NHL Betting Options For 2018

NHL Betting

With captivating plays on the ice rink that display some of the best skills out there, every true Canadian ice hockey fan should try NHL betting online. Join millions of Canadians that are winning daily real money prizes at online sports books!

There are a lot of options for interested players online, but not all genuine sports betting sites will be available to Canadians. Our shortlist of the best real money betting sites, topped by Betway Sports, offer your best options for sports betting and NHL best bets.

This review will provide players in Canada more insight into:

  • NHL betting tips that will give you a competitive edge online
  • A list of the best sports betting sites with real cash bonuses in Canadian Dollars
  • Ratings and reviews of the best sites for online sports gambling Canada has to offer
  • Answers to the most common questions players have about betting on NHL games

Betting On NHL: A Beginner's Guide

NHL LogoThe National Hockey League comprises top teams from the United States and Canada who compete in the most prestigious league in the world. While bettors can place bets on the end-of-season Stanley Cup (and enjoy lots of sportsbook bonuses if it caters to Canadian gamblers) there are plenty of markets to enjoy on regular weekly games.

There are two main markets to bet on in NHL: Lines and Props. The Lines bets are basic wagers on individual games but you can also place 'ante-post' bets on who will win the league at the start of the season. The underdog is given a points advantage and the favourite a slight points 'handicap'. You can bet on odds that your chosen team will win with their handicap or advantage. You can also place a bet on a Money Line, or a straight win bet on that team to win. However, these odds are usually far worse than the Line.

Total Points bets are Over/Under wagers on how many points will be scored in the whole match. Click on the 'Other Markets' tab and you'll usually find around 20-30 extra markets. This is where the 'Props' come in and are great for gamblers who have done their research. Scores for the 1st Period can be bet on, as well as the first team to score and the time of the 1st score.

How to Spot a Top NHL Betting Site

If you really love ice hockey (and we know that you do!), and want to put yourself right in the centre of the actions, you must participate in sports betting NHL today!

Us Canadians are wild about the NHL and so it makes sense that we don't want to just settle for any old online sportsbook when we decide to back our favourite team with our own hard earned cash. That's why it's vital to do a bit of research into a site before you join it.

There are various aspects that can make or break a sports betting site and without them, you'll find yourself having a pretty poor time. First of all, before you even sign up to a sportsbook you should investigate what their Welcome Bonus offer is. Not all sites give you the same amount of free cash to bet with and the terms attached to the bonuses will also be different.

Speaking of money, the available banking options you can use to make bets and withdraw cash are also a major factor to take into consideration. If the site that you choose to play at is not set up to cater for Canadian players you could find that you're waiting days or even weeks to move your money from your sportsbook account to your bank account and vice versa.

Look out for market-leading payment methods like Visa or MasterCard or online eWallets like Skrill because these are all convenient for Canadian sports gamblers to use.

The odds and the range of bets available on a site are another key feature to think about. Usually the biggest and most well established online betting sites will offer players the most lucrative odds on NHL games and so it's always a good idea to make them your first port of call.

Bet wise, you should expect to see a wide selection of bets that includes money lines, puck lines, handicap betting and prop bets like first scorer, coin toss winner, and first penalty.

If you're not really up for cruising around the Internet looking for ideal NHL betting sites amongst the good and bad of the web, then don't worry because you don't have to. We've created a handy guide to the top online sportsbooks and they all come complete with the features listed above, plus they're 100% safe and secure and they run regular promotions to make placing your favourite bets even cheaper and more exciting.

Blacklisted Canadian Sports Sites
  • BetUS Logo Blacklisted
    Players have had their bigger winnings cancelled
  • America's Bookies Logo Blacklisted
    Poor business practices reported
  • Logo Blacklisted
    Uses poor, unstable gaming software
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How to Get the Edge in NHL Betting

Betway NHL

Knowledge is power when it comes to any kind of sports betting and the NHL is no different. If you're able to arm yourself with as many statistics as you can and absorb all the information out there about the team you're planning to bet on, then you stand a much better chance of guessing the right outcome of a game.

Past performance is the biggest indicator of how well a team will do because it shows how they handle other teams, how many points they generally manage to score, and how efficiently the team members work together.

Where the NHL match is taking place can also give you clues about what the final score might be. That's because teams tend to do better when they're playing at their home rink with all their loyal fans cheering them on.

Injuries and player switches will affect how a team plays too. If their star goaltender has been injured and they're having to use a less experienced player to replace him, then the chances are he might let a few more pucks cross the line than the usual goaltender would.

OHL Betting

NHL Betting Games

The OHL represents the future of Canadian hockey. Yet there's no need to wait years for today's elite juniors to achieve superstardom in the NHL. You can celebrate some of the best action on ice right now with CHL hockey online gambling. With 20 teams across North America, there's always great real money OHL betting in 2018.

Compared to NHL online gambling, OHL hockey betting is far less common on betting sites. Fortunately, we've found the best licensed sportsbooks that are safe, accept C$, offer OHL hockey online gambling with great odds, provide fast payouts, big bonuses and more.

Junior Hockey Betting Options

With 22 teams spread over Canadian provinces and American states, the WHL commands plenty of attention. Given the coverage available on cable TV and the internet, it's not hard to be knowledgeable about WHL betting. Given the number of teams and games, it's easy to pick and choose your real bets wisely. If you are accustomed to wagering on NHL hockey, you might be surprised to learn that sportsbooks don't offer every game, but you'll certainly find a solid selection of WHL betting options.

When online gambling, WHL hockey bettors can wager on the money line, which requires you to pick the winner or a tie. If you are looking to improve your WHL online gambling odds, you'll want to get familiar with the puck line or spread. These work exactly like in NHL, NFL, or NBA games. The favourite has an assigned margin of victory while the underdog has a losing margin. If you bet on the favourite, they'll need to exceed the margin of victory for your bet to win. At the same time, you can still win by betting on the underdog even if they lose the game, provided they lose by less than the puck line.

Playing On Your Tablet And Smartphone

Hockey fans know that the NHL is just the tip of the iceberg. The junior WHL and OHL offer fantastic betting opportunities and no shortage of excitement. There is also Olympic hockey betting available for serious gamblers that want to be involved with every hockey matchup.

There's no need to hibernate even during winter. If you love CHL hockey, 2018 is the year of mobile. All the best CHL hockey online gambling sites work with your tablet or smartphone. As long as you have an internet connection, you can place your bets anywhere across the country. You don't need the latest iPhone, iPad, Samsung Galaxy, Nexus, Kindle Fire, or HTC device. The best sportsbooks work perfectly with iOS, Android, BlackBerry, and Windows Phone.

Many of recommended real cash gambling sites do offer app downloads. Yet CA players can just as easily place bets in their favourite browser. It doesn't take much data or processing power to deposit your C$ and place your best on CHL hockey. 2018 is all about betting on your own terms in Canada.

As a serious player with a tablet or smartphone, you don't have to stop with just betting on NHL Hockey or NHL betting in general, you can also go with the junior leagues. Top junior hockey betting is available at some of the best online casinos today, and they all offer mobile support, making it easy for you to gamble with your phones or tablets during juniors league betting opportunities. Take the time to look over our site offerings, and you'll quickly see just how many locations you can play at using your mobile device. It's that easy to get involved with NHL betting without having a computer at home.

Leading sportsbooks make it easy for gamblers whether they are junior hockey betting, OHL, WHL or NHL betting or focusing on one of the other hockey leagues around the country. They're helpful tools that make betting quick and easy to do.

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Online NHL Sports Betting FAQs

How do I go about wagering on NHL games?

There are loads of Internet betting sites that take NHL bets due to the fact that the NHL is Canada's most popular spectator sport and it's also the sport with the highest total amount of cash gambled on it. If you don't want to spend ages hunting down a site to play at you can take an easy shortcut by checking out our selection of the highest rated sports betting sites above.

After you complete the short sign up process at your preferred sportsbook, you can make a bet on your favourite team quickly in a matter of seconds.

What do I have to do to begin betting on the NHL?

Placing your first bet isn't a complicated process but sometimes the sheer amount of different sports and bet types on a site can seem like information overload.

Don't panic though, just go the betting site's A to Z of available sports and scroll down to the NHL or ice hockey. From there you can choose the specific game you're interested in and when you click on it you will see the range of bets it's possible to make.

How many kinds of bets can I place?

Different sites tend to offer slightly different prop bets, so one site might offer odds on who will make the first foul but another site might not. All the big name online sportsbooks will offer you money line betting, points spread bets, and puck line betting on NHL games.

Will I definitely profit?

If you make the right calls, then yes! However, obviously it isn't easy to make every bet you place correct. If you stay calm and only wager money on matches where you've actually been able to do thorough research on the teams beforehand, you'll notice a steady increase in your sportsbook balance.

How much money will I make betting on NHL hockey?

When it comes to online NHL bets, the amount you can win is determined mainly by how much you can afford to gamble but also by the amount of bets you are able to place.

If you can make several bets on one match or across different matches and also make these bets a mix of almost dead certainties combined with more outsider style bets, then you can haul in a lot of money in the course of a day.

What's the deal with NHL betting lines?

There are two main types of betting lines for the NHL, the puck line and the money line.

Money line betting is the simplest form of NHL gambling and all you need to do is choose which team you think will win.

Puck line betting is a kind of points spread bet that works in conjunction with the money line bet.

Online sportsbooks will always set the puck line at 1.5 and if they think a team will win then the puck line is +1.5 for that team, whilst the team they predict will lose will have a -1.5 puck line. If the favourite team storms to victory by beating the opposition by more than 1.5 points, then you'll collect winnings.

How do I know I will be secure when I bet online?

Safety and security are guaranteed at each one of the online sports betting sites featured in our top sportsbook list because they've all got official licenses from the gambling commissions in the countries they operate from.

The sites are also fully regulated and carry the eCOGRA seal of approval which is only awarded to sites whose games are fair, who operate honestly, and who protect their players' monetary deposits.