The Top Ten Online Slots for Canadian Players

Last updated | February 22, 2020
Top 10 Slots

Online slots come in all shapes and sizes, from simple classic slots through to highly complex 3D slots, featuring loads of bonuses and other features. This means that, regardless of the type of player you are, you’ll find a slot that fits your requirements perfectly. There are a few slots around that are simply a cut above though – slots that provide the biggest prizes, best bonuses and most immersive gameplay – and you’ll find information about the ten best online slots when you scroll down this page.

It has to be remembered that picking the best slots is completely down to personal preference though, so you might think that a different slot deserves to be in the list. That’s the real beauty of this type of game – there are so many different slots to choose from that everyone is able to have their own favourite! If you’re new to slots though, and are looking for a good place to start, check out our top ten list below.

Mega Moolah

If there’s one online slot that’s loved by more players than any other, it’s Mega Moolah. This Microgaming slot really does have it all, from a fun theme through to exciting gameplay, but it’s the prizes that really mark it out from the crowd. Mega Moolah holds the record for the biggest online slot prize of all time, which came in 2015 when a lucky player from the UK won a massive £13.2m (C$22.5m). Canadian players have also been lucky at this slot, such as the player in 2014 who won C$7.5m when spinning the reels.

But how do the jackpots get so large at Mega Moolah? Well, it’s because this is the most popular progressive slot in the world. Progressive slots are great, because their jackpots keep on rising as more and more people play, therefore meaning that they can build up to absolutely huge levels. There are other slots offering progressive jackpots, such as the series of Marvel slots from Playtech, but none are as significant as the one found at Mega Moolah!


Thunderstruck is a classic in the world of online slots, first released way back in 2004 by Microgaming (you’ll see a few games from this company as you read through our list). Despite being twelve years old, it has continued to be extremely popular with players both in Canada and throughout the world, mainly thanks to its simple, no-frills gameplay. While you play, you’ll find fantastic wild multipliers and free spins. If you’re really lucky, you’ll also hit the jackpot, which is worth an impressive amount of cash.

It’s the theme that is perhaps the main reason why this slot is so popular though. There have been many slots since Thunderstruck that have used the theme of Norse mythology – some successfully, some not so successfully – however Thunderstruck was one of the first. There’s also a sequel to Thunderstruck, which is imaginatively called Thunderstruck II, which is also well-loved by fans of online slots.

South Park

Top 10 Slots

It’s time for a slot that isn’t made by Microgaming, as South Park is a game created by the people over at NetEnt. As you might imagine, this is a slot full of laughs, and this humour is the main reason why players choose to spin the reels at this slot. After all, having fun is the main reason why people choose to play online slots, isn’t it? You’ll see Kyle, Kenny, Stan and Cartman spinning around on the reels at this slot, as well as many of their friends, and you’ll also find a number of great features, which help to ensure that the fun keeps on flowing. It’s also one of the best slots around for mobile players, thanks to the great job done by NetEnt optimising this slot for mobile play.

Don’t make the mistake of thinking that South Park is purely about the jokes though, as this slot also brings some impressive prizes, including a huge jackpot, which can be worth up to 1,250,000 coins. Don’t worry if South Park isn’t your favourite cartoon though, as you’ll also be able to find slot versions of The Simpsons and Family Guy at various Canadian casinos.

Major Millions

This is another slot from Microgaming, and it is also another online slot featuring a fantastic progressive jackpot – although it doesn’t quite reach the same levels as Mega Moolah. Major Millions isn’t just included because of the often seven-figure prizes though, but because it offers an absolutely fantastic theme. It also comes in three different forms – MegaSpin, 5-Reel and 3-Reel. The 3-reel version is perhaps the best loved, and is the perfect example of how to create an exciting classic slot machine.

But how can a simple classic slot – which essentially means a slot without the bonuses and massive numbers of paylines found at other slots – be so enjoyable? Well, it’s because they hark back to how slot machines used to be, back when they were only found in casinos and the internet had yet to be invented. It’s simply a case of sitting back, spinning the reels, and waiting to see how much you can win!


Starburst is a slot that hasn’t been around for ages, but has already built up a loyal following among players. Created by NetEnt, it features ten paylines and a jackpot of 50,000 coins, neither of which mark it out from other slots. Where it excels is the graphics though, as the bright and perfectly created symbols have an almost mesmeric quality, shimmering on the screen as they spin around on the reels. The way a slot looks is often overlooked by reviewers, and Starburst proves that this aspect can be the difference between a slot being good and great!

Starburst is found at a whole host of different online casinos, as these casinos know that players really enjoy playing this game. It features wild symbols and respins to ensure that the fun keeps on flowing, and the wins come pretty regularly. If it’s an enjoyable slot with fantastic graphics you’re looking for, Starburst should be a great choice.

Iron Man

Iron Man is, as you might have guessed, a slot based on the Marvel comic of the same name, which has also spawned a number of incredibly successful movies. It’s created by Playtech, and offers absolutely everything a player could want from a slot, including loads of bonus features, a really exciting theme, and the chance to win some absolutely huge amounts of money. Real fans of Iron Man will also love the fact that Playtech have also created Iron Man 2 and Iron Man 3 slots, both of which are equally as impressive as the original.

It’s the progressive jackpot that is the real star of this slot though, and it can become huge. This is because the progressive jackpot is shared across all of Playtech’s Marvel slots, which includes titles such as The Incredible Hulk, X-Men and Captain America. Because the jackpot is shared, more people are able to contribute towards it, allowing it to build up incredibly quickly.


Gladiator is a slot created by BetSoft, who are best known for their stunning 3D graphics, which are found at the majority of the titles they’ve created. Gladiator is the best of the bunch though, combining stunning visuals with a fantastic theme, which sees you thrown into the Colosseum. It clearly mirrors the famous Hollywood film of the same name, but this isn’t a bad thing, as the excitement keeps on flowing every time the reels are spun, and the luckiest players are rewarded with a particularly large jackpot.

The bonuses at Gladiator are the main reasons why people play though, as they are beautifully rendered and really draw you into the story. They can take a while to load, but the wait is certainly worth it, as you’ll be able to play some of the most enjoyable bonus rounds found at any online slot – as well as win some huge prizes.

Goblin’s Cave

You might be wondering why Goblin’s Cave is included on this list. After all, it doesn’t have the best graphics around, the prizes don’t eclipse those found at other slots, and the bonuses aren’t the best around either. The answer is simple, and it all comes down to this slot’s RTP, which is a staggering 99.32%. This is higher than all other online slots out there, and means that you’ll have the best chance possible to make money when you spin the reels at this slot from Playtech.

But what exactly is a slot’s RTP? Well, it stands for Return to Player, and essentially tells you, on average, how much you’ll win when you play. So, at Goblin’s Cave, you’ll get back C$99.32 for every C$100 you spend, which is a pretty impressive figure. In fact, there are no slots we know of that exceed the RTP found at Goblin’s Cave.

Gonzo’s Quest

Gonzo’s Quest, created by NetEnt, is another well-known name in the world of online slots, and is played by huge numbers of people in Canada and further afield every day. It is based on a conquistador named Gonzo, who is trying to find treasures amidst the jungle, and comes with some of the best 3D graphics found at any online slot. What’s more, it also has fantastic gameplay, meaning that every spin of the reels is an enjoyable one.

The prizes at Gonzo’s Quest are also exceptionally good, with the jackpot of 1850x your bet being the highlight. The bonus features are also a real high point, especially the Free Fall feature, and bring both loads of fun and the chance to win some really high prizes. When all of these great elements are combined, it’s clear to see why Gonzo’s Quest is a slot enjoyed by so many people.

Game of Thrones

Game of Thrones is the most popular TV series of recent times, so it’s no surprise to find that the slot based on the series is also incredibly popular. You’ll see snippets from the show when you play this slot, as well as the sigils from the different main houses spinning around on the reels, plus you can also win some huge prizes. If you’re a fan of this TV show, this is a slot you should play as soon as possible!

What makes Game of Thrones really unique is the fact that you can choose to play two different versions. Firstly, there’s the version with 243 different ways to win, and secondly, there’s the version with 15 paylines. This means that Game of Thrones caters for all types of online slots players. Most choose to play the version with 243 different ways to win though, thanks to the increased excitement this version brings.

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