NFL Fantasy Football Explained – Top Tips For Winning

Fantasy Football

Love fantasy sports? Who doesn't? If you're like most Canadians, chances are you're all about fantasy football. Betting on fantasy football for real money online has become incredibly popular for both casual online gambling fans and extreme sports fanatics in Canada. With so many sites offering fantasy betting on the internet, our reviews team has set out the best sites available to Canadian sports fans here.

Our recommended sites can offer:

  • An excellent range of games to bet on
  • Fast payout rates on winnings
  • Mobile sites and apps for all devices

If you've heard your buddies talking about how they love to play fantasy football, 2018 is your chance to join them since the season has just started. There are even free games available for you to get some practice in before you start betting. Read on to see our recommendations for betting at the top real money fantasy football pool sites.

The best, and most lucrative, place we've found to play fantasy football for money in Canada is Jackpot City.

Understanding fantasy football

What is fantasy football and how do you win? You are an owner who experiences the development and full football schedule from draft day to the Super Bowl. Just like the real NFL, you’re in a league and compete against others (other fantasy team owners) to end the season as the winner. Remember, it's not just about getting to play fantasy football week. It's about winning the entire NFL season.

Want to win real cash in CAD? You need management skills to handle a team, and you need to have a good understanding of pro football talent. If you're ready to play fantasy football now for real cash, follow our 5-step plan.

Step 1: Find a league

The first thing you need to do is find a league. There are several top websites to play NFL fantasy football and bet with incentives at the same time. Once you find a website you like, there are a few leagues to choose from, including these popular ones:

  • Head-to-Head, where teams match against different opponents every week for a win and loss record to advance to the playoffs
  • Total Points Leagues, which go off team points to advance
  • Dynasty Leagues, where fantasy team owners can retain their roster from the previous years
  • Salary Cap Leagues, which are like Dynasty, plus they give players’ salaries and teams a maximum budget

Step 2: Identify strengths and weaknesses

Being a winning team takes more than luck. A strategic owner knows his players’ strengths and weaknesses. Your elite team starts on draft day as each owner goes round-for-round and picks their roster. Leading up to draft day, you need to stay locked to the web and your favourite sports network, keeping an eye on real NFL teams and how real players are performing.

Step 3: Pay attention to weekly changes

Every year, every NFL-related news site will post players to watch out for including Quarterbacks, Running Backs, Middle Line Backers, Tight Ends and more. This is the time drafting fantasy owners want to start making their primary and secondary roster choices when the fantasy draft day starts.

As owner, week by week you square off against another fantasy team alongside real NFL games. Keep in mind how the scoring happens in your fantasy league. First thing to remember is that the points are made up and can be unrealistically high or even in the negatives. Each person on your team will earn your fantasy team points if, in real life games, they get different achievements such as a fumble recovery on defense or a passing touch down on offense, as well as your team not allowing your opponent to score any points.

Step 4: Track your points

Real NFL player achievements can also earn points for your team such as fumble recoveries, sacks, solo tackles and defensive touchdowns. Each league will have a layout of rules and the point system. Your fantasy team league will post scoring leaders (players) and how many points they’ve gathered along with their offensive and defensive stats.

Step 5: Watch your win rate

While playing fantasy football for money online, especially with two or more entries, it’s quite possible to win a good amount of cash weekly and/or monthly. There are leagues where you can have multiple teams to increase your chances on winning. A strategic NFL fan that knows his/her players and when to play them vs. bench them can earn 50% - 200% (or more depending on the league) per time frame (week, round, etc). Getting in the game can cost you as little as C$1 and earn you as much as thousands of dollars in real cash. There is a max number of seats each league can have, so if you spot one that peaks your interest you should reserve your place and play fantasy football now!

Not every league ends when the actual NFL Super Bowl occurs. In some cases you can create a custom league or join custom leagues. Keep an eye on your league and when the dates end. ESPN has a 13-week regular season. The top two division leaders and two wild-card teams make it to the playoffs.

Bet on fantasy football, win real cash

Ready to play fantasy football? 2018 offers some great places to win for this NFL betting season. Check out the sites we recommend and get in the game.

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