The most hashtagged European summer destinations on TikTok

Which #EuropeanSummer destinations are Americans tagging the most on TikTok? We scraped hundreds of videos and ran the numbers to find out.

If you haven’t already heard, #EuropeanSummer is in full swing and it’s the latest craze flooding our For You Page (FYP). Forget #HotGirlSummer, there’s a new viral trend in town and it’s racked up over 1.4 billion views. Chances are if you’re on TikTok, then you know about this trend, and you’re probably purchasing a flight as we speak!

The number of Americans traveling to Europe this summer is expected to soar to new heights, exactly 600% times since 2021! Seeing as the hashtag has over a billion views, it’s safe to say we have TikTok to (somewhat) thank for that. American citizens are escaping the ordinary 9 to 5 life and swapping it for the possibility of a summer of sun and a sprinkling of TikTok virality - because if you didn’t post it, did it really happen?

The results are in: the most #EuropeanSummer destinations on TikTok

We’ve scraped over 1000 videos on TikTok to find out the real winner of the latest viral trend #EuropeanSummer, so grab your #GirlDinner and let’s get started.

European Summer Designs

TikTok’s most sought-after destination; #Italy, takes the top spot as the most hashtagged European destination this year on TikTok, which may come as no surprise since the surge of Gen Z’ers and Millennials filling the FYP with their #AmalfiCoast content, amassing over 1 billion views. 

The virality and rise of #EuropeanSummer means you may have to battle thousands of other tourists (or TikTokers?) trying to get that perfect #EuroGirlSummer snap, so be warned. Though that wouldn’t stop us, whether it’s Positano, Capri, or Sorrento - pass us the Aperol Spritz and sign us up to the “La Dolce Vita” lifestyle. 

White-washed paradise, #Greece is the 2nd most popular destination on the list that users are tagging the most on TikTok. Mykonos and Corfu have caught the virtual eyes of TikTok users, but sipping an Ouzo cocktail with the Mammia Mia soundtrack on loop on any Greek Island seems pretty dreamy to us. *Opens Airbnb Immediately* 

The third stop on our TikTok #EuropeanSummer tour is #France. In a bid to fulfill the Emily In Paris dream, Americans have been living it up in the city of love. They’ve also hopped on board the old money bandwagon, as they flee to the French Riviera for their Euro summer fix this year.

Some other honorable mentions that made the list include: Spain in fourth place, with #Barcelona being the most tagged (even topping #Spain itself), the Czech Republic (5th), Malta (6th), Norway (7th), and Croatia (8th). 

To summarize:

Whether you’re planning on living your European summer dream, rocking the  #TomatoGirl aesthetic, or simply (and enviously) finding yourself 2 hours deep in a #EuroGirlSummer Tiktok hole, it’s safe to say that this trend isn’t going anywhere. But for the sunset chasers among us, Italy has won over Americans’ hearts on the app.


We scraped the hashtag data of 1,000 TikTok videos US users have uploaded to the app this year, by using we were able to collate every single video that included the hashtag #EuropeanSummer. We then created a shortlist of European countries tagged in these videos and any alternative hashtags directly related to these destinations.

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