Widowmaker from Overwatch with a Realistic Body

When it comes to diversity, Overwatch deserves a pat on the back for effort. With a varied pool of characters, they’ve done alright. Symmetra is autistic, and Tracer is a member of the LGBTQ+ community – now that’s character depth for you, especially in the world of gaming.

Widowmaker – Overwatch before
Widowmaker – Overwatch after

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What’s changed...

Our target though, is Widowmaker. Like all the other female characters in the game, she has a slender figure wrapped in a shiny, revealing suit.

We thought it would be beneficial for the game continue on their path of diversity, and include some variation in body size and character image. So here’s what Widowmaker would look like with a more realistic figure, featuring back rolls and some subtle skin blemishes We’ve also rounded her face slightly, thus dialling down her overly-chiselled face.