Jade from Mortal Kombat with a Realistic Body

Jade is a respected Mortal Kombat character, albeit not fully appreciated until her complete appearance in Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3. With signature moves such as Blazing Nitro Kick or Razor-Rang, she should be taken seriously.

Jade – Mortal Kombat before
Jade – Mortal Kombat after

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What’s changed...

Jade’s character is admittedly more dialled back and down to earth in terms of representation, but over the years she has seen quite the transformation. Always donning the iconic green, some of her previous outfits have resembled something you’d find in an Ann Summers store.

Although her outfit is a bit more authentic, we thought we’d add a few blemishes here and there and flesh out her arms slightly to take her that step further to being relatable.

We’ve added some rogue grey hairs to her locks, too.