Top NFL Betting in 2018 for Canadians

NFL Betting

Whether you're a long-time fan or just recently got into football, NFL betting online is the perfect way to cash in on your love of the game. Join millions of other Canadian players trying their luck weekly with NFL betting odds, and take a chance at being a winner by signing up at our recommended sites for real money sports gambling in Canada.

We've done all the hard work and sifted through dozens of sports betting sites to bring you the best, complete with lucrative bonuses and opportunities to wager real money in any currency you want. Take a look at our shortlist of sites, or start betting right away at our team's overall best, Betway Sports.

NFL Betting Explained

NFL Betting MoneyBetting real money on NFL lines is easy, but first you must make sure you know how to read the odds correctly and what they mean. This involves learning some sports betting jargon, but like we said, it isn’t too hard to master.

If you look at any sports book offering NFL betting lines, you’ll notice that the format in which each bet is present is the same. The most obvious piece of information is the date and time of the game, which helps you figure out which games are up next and quickly find the one you are interested in.

Immediately to the right of the date and time of the matchup, you’ll find the rotation number, which is a unique code that is given to each game in order to identify it on any betting website and also let’s you easily compare odds on different sports betting sites. The team name is next, followed by several columns of numbers that represent the odds for different types of NFL betting lines.

The most common types of NFL odds are:

Point spread - This is the type of bet most people wager real cash on. You’ll notice that the teams have the same number, however, the favoured team’s odds are listed with a minus sign while the underdog’s have a plus sign in front.

If you pick the favoured team, you’ll win your bet only if by deducting the spread from the final score, they still end up scoring more points than the underdog. In other words, the favoured team must win with a difference larger than the spread. If you bet on the underdog you’ll win your bet either if the team wins outright, or if the difference between the scores of the two teams is less than the spread.

In certain cases, both teams are considered equally strong and the spread will be listed as EVEN or PICK. An outright win is needed to win your bet.

Money line - This is a different type of bet where you win your wager only if the NFL team you pick wins. The amounts in the money line column refer to how much money you are required to bet to make C$100 in the event of a victory by the team you pick. Minus and plus signs refer to favoured teams and underdogs respectively. Therefore, a money line of -130/+110 means that you’ll need to wager C$130 on the favoured team to win C$100 and bet C$100 on the underdog to win C$110.

Over/Under - The third basic bet type you’ll find on betting sites with NFL odds is the over/under (also known as total). Basically, the over/under refers to the total number of points both teams will score by the end of the game. Your job is to predict correctly whether the two teams will have a combined score over or under the total.

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NFL Betting Tips to Improve Your Odds of Winning

Every site included here has scored over 90% in our rigorous testing process, which our expert Canadian reviewers use to determine that a site gives out fair payouts.

Sports betting is so fascinating because it involves so many factors that all contribute in some way and to some degree to the final outcome. Many of these factors cannot be control by the player betting at home, nor sometimes by the player who’s stepping into the field.

That’s why luck plays such an important part in sports betting and NFL in particular. So don’t take it personally if you first few wagers don’t go the way you want!

That being said, there are many things you can control too and other things you can sort of get a grasp on.

First of all, we recommend you establish a betting budget and stick to the limits you set carefully if you’ve never gambled before.

Secondly, start reading up about sports betting strategy and NFL news about the team you support, their upcoming games, and opponents.

You don’t have to know PhD-level statistics, however getting an idea of the general trend in a team’s performance and their past encounters with opponents can help you make a more informed decision before wagering real money.

Everything from the weather on match day to the health conditions of an individual player in the team can have an impact on the outcome of a game. The skill of NFL betting is in being able to take into account as many things as possible, however the beauty of sports betting is that even if you rely only dumb luck you could become filthy rich!

How to Find the Best NFL Betting Sports Sites

NFL Betting GamesYou could choose the hard way: which is to google betting sites at random and poke around hoping they accept Canadian players and offer you a good deal.

Or you could save yourself a lot of wasted time and disappointment by checking out the online sports betting links featured on this guide.

Every site included here has scored over 90% in our rigorous testing process, which our expert Canadian reviewers use to determine that a site gives out fair payouts and has proven itself to be a reliable and trustworthy place for players in Canada to make real money wager in C$ and other currencies.

When you register at one of our top recommended sites you'll receive an incredible welcome bonus to help get your winning streak started. If there's anything else you're not certain on then read through our NFL betting FAQs to brush up on the nitty gritty of things.

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NFL Betting FAQ

How does it work?

NFL betting online is as easy as finding the game you’re interested to wager real money on, checking the odds the team you support, then choosing the type of bet and entering the amount you want to wager. The website will automatically generate a digital betting slip for you when you’ve made all your choices.

How do I start betting?

First off, you’ll need to register at an online betting site that accepts Canadian players and lets you play in Canadian Dollars. We’ve compiled an updated list of the best Canadian online NFL betting sites on this page. Every site has been carefully vetted by expert reviews, who tested and scored them based on the variety of betting lines, ease-of-use for new bettors, security of their payment methods, compatibility on desktop and mobile devices, as well as the availability of bonuses for new and registered players.

What types of bets are there?

There are several types of bets for NFL games available on Canada sports betting sites. Three of the most popular NFL bet types include: spread, money lines, and over/under or total bets. You’ll find an explanation of each bet type in the section named “NFL Betting Explained” on this guide.

Can it be profitable?

In the hands of an experienced sports bettor who follows very closely all the latest news and team performances of the NFL, sports betting can be a very profitable venture. Luck plays a large part when wagering on the outcome of football games, however there’s also a significant skill-based component which can be learnt by anyone who’s willing to spend time learning sports betting strategies and analyzing previous encounters between teams. By taking this sort of approach you may improve your chances of making a profit from sports betting in the long-term.

How much can be won?

It all depends on how much you’re willing to bet! The reward is commensurate with the risk taken in sports betting, and it is not unheard of players winning four and even five-figure sums with one well-placed bet on an NFL game and a budget large enough to allow them to make hefty wagers. Winning smaller sums is more realistic however, and many players have built a fortune gradually simply by collecting a string of small wins over a longer period of time.

How do NFL betting lines work?

Each NFL betting line works differently. Point spreads depend on the difference between the scores of the two teams; money lines show you the amount of money you need to wager to earn C$100 in case of a victory by the team you pick; while over/under pay out according to whether the combined score by the two teams is over or under an amount set by the sportsbook. You can find a more in-depth explanation of NFL betting lines in the main article on this page.

Is it safe?

Yes, wagering real cash at sports betting sites offering NFL betting lines is completely safe when you play at a reputable and established sportsbook. We’ve reviewed the top operators that allow Canadian players to wager on NFL games and created a list of recommended betting websites that have been pre-tested and approved by expert sports bettors and reviewers based in Canada.